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willy12344's Staff Application

Discussion in 'Denied' started by willy12344, Dec 22, 2013.

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  1. willy12344

    willy12344 New Meeper

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    Dear MeepCraft Staff,

    My name is Connor. I am 10 years old, my TeamSpeak account name is willy12344, my Minecraft name is willy12344, and I would like to apply to be a MeepCraft Staff Member. I am a moderator in another server, so I know what it is like to be part of the Staff in a server. I am a very kind person and I am very honest. I will do anything to make ALL MeepCraft Citizens feel safe and sound in this server. I am in 5th Grade AIG in both Mathematics and Language Arts, so I am very intelligent. Every once and a while I start to become a Grammar Nazi. Anyways, I have been a HUGE fan of MeepCraft ever since I had joined this server.

    I am very talkative, so I can communicate with players that are having trouble in the server. I know when something should be a ban, or a kick, but I am not to good at the whole "Temp-ban" thing. I am always playing on MeepCraft, or other servers on weekends, and some school breaks so at those times you can train me on the whole understanding of the temp-ban stuff like if a certain thing happens, you should temp-ban them for this amount of time. I am usually up until 9.30 PM (I live nearby Virginia) on the weekends, and school breaks.

    I hope that you guys decide that I should be a part of the MeepCraft Staff.

  2. feewill

    feewill Meeper

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    You must follow the format before submitting your staff application. You can reapply in two weeks time.

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  3. OrangeNinja3

    OrangeNinja3 Celebrity Meeper

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  4. chaos546

    chaos546 Canadian Forums Stalker

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    Sorry, but this is an auto-denial due to the lack of format. Please reapply in two weeks at the earliest.

    I also suggest, along with using the format, that if/when you next reapply, you

    - Are active and helpful in-game. This means if you see a question in chat try to answer it, as well as just converse with the community in game.

    - Are active and helpful on the forums. Your Helper application should not be one of your first posts. I suggest at least grtting up to the title of 'Member' before re applying. Post constructive posts in all forums, but especially in the Suggestions, Report a Bug, Q&A, and Staff Recruitment forums.

    - Read through the tips post that you can see below the format. Also read through the currently accepted staff applications and the ones that got a lot of +1's.

    - Resign or are demoted from your 'current moderating position' as we do not allow staff members to be staff on another server, purely because of conflict of interest.
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