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Denied Why Was I Temp Banned?

Discussion in 'Ban and Mute Appeals Archive' started by Vamp1re_Man, Jul 16, 2014.


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  1. Vamp1re_Man

    Vamp1re_Man Celebrity Meeper

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    IGN: Vampire_Man_32
    When it happened: 17/07/2014 10:13 AM
    Why: Sexual Reference

    I am not trying to get my temp ban removed, because I am sure that the mods had a reason for my temp ban, but I don't understand why I was banned.
    I was temp banned by bluecarnel for two days because of a sexual reference. I believe it is because of something I had said in shout chat earlier. I will not say the word in full, but it was pr**. My friend could not get the meaning out of staff in game because they said it was a sexual reference, and could not say it.
    Now, you may ask why I said it, and that is a good question. The answer is strange, but I sometimes just like to say random things, like tygi or fanto! Which is a bit weird, but it is fun!
    Could someone please tell me what this word means, and why it is ban worthy.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 16, 2014, Original Post Date: Jul 16, 2014 ---
    Just noticed that people have voted on my poll, but not replied!!!!
    Come on people! Help me out here!!!
  2. MeepStats

    MeepStats Legendary Member

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    Tempban has expired. You shouted a commonly intentional misspelling of an inappropriate word.
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