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Unofficial Guide To Pvp For Dummies

Discussion in 'Unofficial Guides' started by CoughOfFire, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. CoughOfFire

    CoughOfFire Active Meeper

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    I've never played PVP so whatever.

    Step 1: Armour, armour are like cloths. They protect you from swords trying to stab you.

    Step 2: Swords, how can you attack without a sword? You don't just use your hands against a god!

    Step 3: Enchantments, enchant your weapons and armour so you can set people on fire.

    Step 4: Pick your weapons, I would strongly suggest a sword or a bow. Pros for a bow: Long range hits, powerful. Cons for a bow: Slow and only effective when patient. Pros for sword: Strong hits. Cons for a sword, sword breaks eventually.

    Step 5: Teams, join a team if you haft to. But not one too strong, unless there at your level. Because next thing you know your team will try to kill you.

    Step 6: Stealth, it's good to be unseen so you can have a surprise attack.

    Step 7: Inventory, don't have too much items on you, just have some armour and swords. When people kill you they can take your loot. Remember to all ways have a chest.

    Dishonourable mentions:

    Step 1: Logging, this gets you banned.

    Step 2: Puppy guarding, yet again you could get banned for this. Guarding a exit and killing whoever wants to leave.

    Step 3: Cursing, raging, don't call your mum and tell her you got killed from another user, she won't care.

    I hoped you enjoyed my guide for dump people new users!
    You should all know this by now.
    So this was basically pointless I think.
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