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Accepted Best Posts in Thread: Unbrocken's.... Sorry....

  1. Unbrocken

    Unbrocken Popular Meeper

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    IGN (In-Game Name): unbrocken
    Date/Time: may 10th
    Reason: towny theft?
    Ban Length: 3 days as far as I know
    Staff Member: slicknsly
    Why we should consider your appeal: I didn't know why I was banned I think I remember taking iron doors from plots that I had Built! No joke Pillowtherapys plot My best friend in real life hast played meep and enjoyed it in forever so I get him on once and a while to build houses but he almost never gets on so I built his house. So Since the town was being shut down I decided to to take what property was mine back (Iron doors in which I payed for). I didn't want to let all that money go to waist in a plot he was going to unclaimed and destroyed and I believe I did take iron blocks? I got them from floopsy's plot and sold them reason being I was going to buy them back when he got back on it was a stack of 64 and 8 I remembered specifically because I knew I would buy them back and the 8 diamond blocks! I was totally going to return those reason being I didn't want to put them with my stuff and end up getting them mixed up... You may think this is bogus but believe me after the incident of my last ban appeal with my friend I was playing it safe and intentionally stealing from houses is not what I would call playing it safe and I even asked k2tronic If I could take his doors because I built the place... And he said yes! I'm so sorry if I'm a bit upset but the plots were going to waist because blow_rubberduck was making it a solo ton and kicking everyone out with very little notice I think he said 7 day and floopsy had gotten on according to /seen like 3 days was it when I last checked so if he didn't get on soon he would loose all the iron blocks and the diamond (the iron doors and cauldrons I purchased so I don't know if you could really call that stealing) so I was protecting the stuff that was worth so much and Floopsy hadn't gotten on since we built the house so I didn't know if he would be able to get the stuff out in time... Sorry selling the items may have looked suspicious but I assure you it was not in any way for personal gain so sorry... And if I got a money wipe for this it was totally un-needed sorry and thanks for considering my appeal...
    Last edited: May 10, 2014