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Best Posts in Thread: Uglyunicorn's Moderator Application

  1. DancingCactus

    DancingCactus Legendary Meeper

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    All of this "I don't see you helping much" just sounds like some Grade A baloney excuse to downvote this application.

    Just because someone does not like to add to the already spammy chat filled with "TY FOR DONATINGGGGGG," "WELCOME ASKGLJGSDLGSD TO MEEPCRAFT" and "BAN," doesn't mean they aren't qualiifed for the Moderator position. When I was a Helper, I just /msg'd the answers to people's questions, because the chat was spammy enough.

    Some people don't like /shout, that's their incentive.

    You all need to open up your eyes and figure out that not all the work people do is seen upfront and in /shout.


    You don't stand out as anything other than the ordinary to me. You seem to do your role well, but that's where it stops. I think you should start posting more on the forums and act more like a Mod, whilst doing your Helper roles.

    I also highly suggest talking to Diana or Sirrr_Pig to get your forum name changed to your IGN, it gets confusing even with the IGN in your signature.

    On another note...

    This is just rude.

    We've all done bad things "a few months back."

    Do we need to be on the server 24/7?

    He's more active than most of the current helpers.
  2. UglyUnicorn

    UglyUnicorn Celebrity Meeper

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    IGN: uglyunicorn
    Skype Username: uglyunicorn2
    Teamspeak Username: uglyunicorn
    Mic Use: Yes
    Age: 14
    Timezone: Pacific Time Zone
    Hours Online on the weekday: 1-4
    Hours Online on the weekend: 1-10 (Depending on work)
    Position Changes: Helper to Moderator

    Hey, uglyunicorn here again applying for Moderator! So I have been a helper on Meep for a month now, and I now see the basics of staff. I believe that is the main concept of being a Helper. Depending on my job and my girlfriend, I have tested to see if I can make time and do my duties on Meep. And I am sure I have been very successful with doing that. I believe my volunteering in IRL and my Job in IRL has helped me to become a better staff on Meepcraft. I believe most of you know what I do IRL considering what I wrote on my Helper application.

    Why I should be Moderator:

    Work Ethic:
    So I believe my time as a Helper has improved my skills as a staff on Meepcraft by far. As a Helper asked lots of questions, but I know now that because I have cleared all that up, I think I will be able to ow the answer to the modreq or the question for the new player right off the bat. I have looked for X-Rayers, and I have found about 5 but when I look at the banhsitory, I know that Quaddy already got it. but that doesn't mean I give up. I have found hacker in kitpvp, but if this application gets accepted, I will looking at hackers more often in kitpvp, because I know that challenges are supposed to get harder as I move up to a higher staff level.

    Modre qs: I have done around 356 Modreqs in the past month, I am trying to reach 400 by the end of this week. Every time I get online I always look for the modreqs, and if there is an open one, I claim it. I don't hesitate unless I am sure I need an admin.

    Kicks/Bans: As a Helper, I have kicked a lot of people in the centrum, for many reason. I beleive the centrum should be the safest spot, because that is where the new players spawn. I belaive the Centrum should be clean and safe place, where no can be harrassed, and where players can have fun. I have caught of ads in the centrum, and report it right away.

    Time Online: I have always go on Meepcraft in my free time, ( Which is a lot ) now that I know the responsibility of being a helper is high. I usually go on, and clear up the modreqs then go about in creative and building my town. I usually get distracting by helping out someone because they msged me that they have towny theft and I go and investigate. Lately I have been a bit inactive becuase of work and My girlfriend, but i have gotten that worked out, Now that I am on spring break, I have lots more time on my hands.

    Forum Activity: I have been very active on the staff recruitment side of the forum because I believe it is my duty to see who our future staff will be. And help them along if they aren't sure or if they need to work on some aspects. I know that moderators get a higher responsibilty on the forums with reported ban and ban appeals. I know I can handle working with those. And for the staff, I think I have pretty good list of reported bans for ads and towny theft.

    Attitude: So I believe this is a big part of Moderation. You cant go on rages and have arguments with players. I know I know I have been a little rude to some people because of my frustration. But I believe I can work this ( will be in the weaknesses ). Another thing, is that Moderators work a lot more with bans, and you have to have a good strong attitude with people because some people will be angry and upset on getting banned.

    I think my worst weakness is getting frustrated with people who get on my nerves. I do admit to being a little rude to one player becuase of some issues. But I know that I worked hard not to get frustrated and angry with players. I do know that I have been in some arguements with some Ultimates but I know that I try to resolved the issue in the most mature way possible.

    Conclusion: Ultimatly, I think my job as a helper has helped me through the way of being staff and that I know that I can take challenges to a higher level. I believe that being a Moderator is about helping the Helpers more with some questions that have and also being more on the undercover side of staff. I believe that I can handle these challenges with the hard work i put into almost everything will be a great help to the server. Thanks for reading my Helper application
    Please comment anything constructive so that I will be able to work on those aspects. Thank you :)

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  3. Klitch


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    To be frank, the only people that help in shout are regular citizens.
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  4. UglyUnicorn

    UglyUnicorn Celebrity Meeper

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    Hey great comments, I would just like to say one thing, Helpers Mostly help in the modreqs, they try to help in local or shout, but we are working very hard to get modreqs done :)