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Tutorial improvements

Discussion in 'Denied' started by SillySilver, Mar 15, 2015.

  1. SillySilver

    SillySilver Celebrity Meeper

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    I often see new people in tutorial, asking how to get out or how to get to somewhere, like kitpvp or halo. Even questions like what do I do aren't rare.

    I think Staff should add a helping tip under the text "Quiz Reveice 3000 meebles on Completion", which says "After completing Quiz, you get to real spawn" or something like that.
    And to skip hole, there should be text "Are you sure? Quiz will help you a lot with commands!". I've seen newbies asking 'how I do this? how I do that?' 'cause they skipped the quiz…

    Signs with information about servers places are important too. Theres a text which says "Read all signs to complete quiz!" Is bit misleading, reading them won't lead to anywhere except information. That text should say "Read all signs for information about server's worlds!".

    So what do you think? I think Tutorial needs bit more improvements to help new players in the best and easy way. If others has ideas, they can suggest them too.
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