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tropic_x_avatar Helper Application

Discussion in 'Denied' started by tropic_x_avatar, Nov 30, 2013.

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  1. tropic_x_avatar

    tropic_x_avatar Popular Meeper

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    In Game Name:

    Skype Username:

    Teamspeak Username:

    Mic use:


    USA central

    Hours online per weekday:

    Hours online per weekend:

    Position Changes: (ex. Citizen to Helper, Helper to Mod, Mod to SuperMod)
    Citizen to Helper


    Hello, my name is tropic_x_avatar I live in Dallas, Texas and i love video games and soccer. I am ranked first class in boy scouts and i love to help my community, which includes Meepcraft. I have dedicated a huge part of my life to Meepcraft. I love making friends and helping newcomers on Meepcraft.

    Why you should be Helper/Mod/Supermod ?

    I think that i should be a Helper because of many things. I am a friendly person that loves to help people out in any way i can, I have many great ideas such as having a section in spawn dedicated to how to not get scammed and "Trusted Meepers and Certified Rank Sellers."


    I have a tendency to threaten people when i am mad at them, but if i am a helper i will not let that get to me and never threaten with a "kick" or a "ban."


    It brings me joy when someone thanks me for helping them and I feel like if i am Helper i would get a better chance to help out the server and my fellow Meepers. Thank you for taking the time to read my application and i hope you enjoyed reading!
  2. Gh05t

    Gh05t Popular Meeper

    Likes Received:
    Before you read this, brace yourself for a blunt post.
    -Abysmal forum activity (Congrats on your third post :p)
    -The app was below par both in length and quality
    -The concept of not threatening a member who makes you mad whole helper shows that you don't understand the weakness your post actually showed.
    -Threatening people is against the rules in general.
    -Your reason for being mod is because you "love to help". No, no, no.

    EDIT: Also, 20 hours a day? I understand the gains of exaggeration, but...
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  3. osymigosy

    osymigosy Popular Meeper

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    I'm sorry but the application, it was bad. There were many grammatical errors. The "reasons" we're complete bogus.
    In game
    I have seen you in game once and that was working at my villager trade shop. I have never seen you in /shout let alone helping.

    That's my two cents
    Good luck
  4. Highlanders3Ruth

    Highlanders3Ruth Popular Meeper

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    Hello tropic, welcome to the fourms!
    Things to work on
    *Help in /shout! I should see you on a lot because we are only a hour apart in time. I don't ever see you so help and be active using /shout!
    *Very short application, look at others in 'Interview' and try and learn from those for your next application!
    *Get active on the fourms! Start posting on threads, making threads, get used to the fourms!
    *Post in Q&A because thats where people have questions about the fourms and in-game!

    I believe you might have gotten carried away by saying: 5-20 hours a day.

    Overall: -1
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  5. chaos546

    chaos546 Canadian Forums Stalker

    Likes Received:
    Hi, tropic, thanks for sending in an application. I have a few issues with it that I'll mention for you here.

    - Your in game activity and helpfulness. I have never seen you in game, and we are only an hour apart, so it would make sense if I'd seen you before. I'd love to see you helping people in /shout or even just joining in with the conversation. Helpers need to be positive and friendly and must display this in everyday conversations. I'd also like to see you help out because we need to know that you are dedicated enough to help before you get a staff position, rather than afterwards.

    - Your forums activity and helpfulness. Like Ghost said, you have only posted three times. This is unacceptable. I'd aim for Member or even Active Member before applying, as it shows that you are dedicated enough to the server to spend time in all areas. I also suggest not just posting filler posts; be sure to contribute to every conversation you enter. I normally look for activity in the Suggestions, Q&A, Staff Recruitment, and Report a Bug sections, so I'd start there.

    - Your application was very short. Imagine this is a job application; if you were applying for youe dream job, you'd want to make sure you make the best impression, right? Well,here, to make the best impression, we look for medium length, in-depth applications that draw the reader in with good grammar and well formed paragraphs

    - Your introduction section was short and served as more of an extenstion of the Why section rather than the real introduction. An introduction is more to provide people insight into what you are like. What are some of your personality traits? What are your likes and dislikes? Spend more time talking about that and less about Meepcraft.

    - Your Why section should be a collection of specific points about how you are a better fir for this position than the nine other people who apply every day. Make sure to elaborate on each one, ans to have at least 4 or 5 points. Take a look at the Tips post under the format; it'll help you get the gist of what we are looking for.

    - For your weaknesses, you should make sure that you elaborate not only on how it will/would effect you if you got Helper, but also how you are working to prevent that. 'Threatening people' is a worrying weakness, but if tou were to tell us how you are working to stop doing that, ie. "Whenever I feel like I'm mad enough to threaten someone I take a minute just to calm myself down", wed feel more comfortable about it. This would also have to be demonstrated by you in game, however.

    - Your Conclusion should be no more than 2 or 3 sentences. Make sure to just quickly summarize what you said in your Why and Weaknesses section, not add new information. Any new information that you are thinking f adding to the Conclusion should be added to the Why instead.

    Sorry; but its a -1 from me. I see potential in you, but I think you should work on some of the things I and others said.
  6. james_Grimplin

    james_Grimplin Popular Meeper

    Likes Received:
    -1 you forum activity is terrible and i have never heard of you until now, also your app was a but lacking.
  7. Cooleysworld

    Cooleysworld Celebrity Meeper Elder

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