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TnTRun bug or whatever this is...

Discussion in 'Resolved/Denied' started by tomibizjak123, Aug 31, 2014.

  1. tomibizjak123

    tomibizjak123 New Meeper

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    I'm very sory for my bad language but I'll try to make this without google translate.

    31.august.2014 at 17.30 I found TnTRun bug or whatever this is. Please read.

    1. First image will show you how this were started. Okay so 1 friend joined the TntRun game and before game starts he left. But when he left, tntrun was started. I were alone in this game :p What I now typed is so bad but I screenshoted. Link: http://imgur.com/NMDNOxQ,pNGZXDl,D8Le991,FDxH4ev#0

    2. Second image shows you how game starts. http://imgur.com/NMDNOxQ,pNGZXDl,D8Le991,FDxH4ev#1

    3. Third image shows you that I successfully completed game and nobody didn't fall from layers. Link http://imgur.com/NMDNOxQ,pNGZXDl,D8Le991,FDxH4ev#2

    4. Fourth image will show you how game end and only I won. http://imgur.com/NMDNOxQ,pNGZXDl,D8Le991,FDxH4ev#3

    Yeah I'm so sorry for very baddddddd language but I can't help you, I'm from slovenia.

    I hope you guys will understand this and this will be fixed. If any staff have questions, please post them to comments and I'll answer for further informations.

    And I hope I'll find friends and then will be meepcraft for me better. I'm so sad without friends :( :( :(
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  2. abbythrowsstuff

    abbythrowsstuff Celebrity Meeper

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    I'll see if we can fix this easily. Thank you for the report.

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