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This Is How Town-Nation Levels Should Be! (Names & Tittles & Residents)

Discussion in 'Denied' started by Hornemans, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. Hornemans

    Hornemans God of Meebles

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    This Is How Town-Nation Levels Should Be!

    This goes with the changes suggested in the Town Prices thread that will all combined help regulate the economy!

    The Basic Idea

    By organizing tonwy/nation levels in this fashion it will help regulate the economy better, as well as provide additional "titles" for mayors to try and achieve. All of these suggestions can be done at a BASE level that should not require any extra plugins or any other server work than for an admin to take a few minutes out of their very busy day and get it done.

    They can be set to encourage new players to make towns, be competitive, and to have fun. However, these two things can be achieved in much better ways that will promote new towns/nation and remove more money from the economy at the same time, which will allow more ways to be introduced to actually make money easier/faster to pay for more towns.

    Your Thoughts?

    If you think some titles, or plot bonuses, or resident levels should changed please say what prices you think and "why" you think they should be changed! If you want to suggest different whatever, please post them in a similar format. DO NOT just say "this is stupid" or "tell me why its dumb" or whatever, just tell me what prices you think they should be and WHY!

    WARNING: You may be shocked and surprised by these suggested changes, but they are optimized like this for several reasons.

    ----- TOWNS ----- Current Levels - (Suggested Levels)

    TownName: Settlement (Camp)
    MayorName: Hermit (Lone Wolf)
    Req. Resident: 1 (1)

    TownName: Hamlet (Settlement)
    MayorName: Chief (Chief)
    Req. Resident: 2 (2)

    TownName: Village (Village)
    MayorName: Baron Von (Commander)
    Req. Resident: 10 (10)

    TownName: Town (Town)
    MayorName: Viscount (Director)
    Req. Resident: 10 (20)

    TownName: Large Town (Large Town)
    MayorName: Count Von (Superintendent)
    Req. Resident: 14 (40)

    TownName: City (City)
    MayorName: Earl (Councilman)
    Req. Resident: 20 (80)

    TownName: Large City (Large City)
    MayorName: Duke (Executive)
    Req. Resident: 24 (160)

    TownName: Metropolis (Metropolis)
    MayorName: Lord (Commissioner)
    Req. Resident: 28 (300)

    (and add 3 more)

    TownName: (Mega Metropolis)
    MayorName: (Bureaucrat)
    Req. Resident: (500)

    TownName: (Super Metropolis)
    MayorName: (Governor)
    Req. Resident: (750)

    TownName: (Planet)
    MayorName: (Lord)
    Req. Resident: (1000)

    ----- NATIONS ----- Current Levels - (Suggested Levels)

    NationName: Land of (Land of)
    KingName: Leader (Leader)
    Req. Resident: 1 (1)
    Plot Bonus: 10 (60)

    NationName: Federation of (Commonwealth of)
    KingName: Count (Baron)
    Req. Resident: 10 (100)
    Plot Bonus: 20 (70)

    NationName: Dominion of (Union of)
    KingName: Duke (Count)
    Req. Resident: 20 (200)
    Plot Bonus: 40 (80)

    NationName: Kingdom of (Republic of)
    KingName: King (Earl)
    Req. Resident: 30 (300)
    Plot Bonus: 60 (90)

    NationName: Empire (Sovereignty of)
    KingName: Emperor (Marquesses)
    Req. Resident: 40 (400)
    Plot Bonus: 100 (100)

    NationName: Realm (Federation of)
    KingName: God Emperor (Duke)
    Req. Resident: 60 (500)
    Plot Bonus: 140 (120)

    (and add 5 more)

    NationName: (Dominion of)
    KingName: (Prince)
    Req. Resident: (600)
    Plot Bonus: (140)

    NationName: (Kingdom of)
    KingName: (King)
    Req. Resident: (700)
    Plot Bonus: (160)

    NationName: (Empire)
    KingName: (Emperor)
    Req. Resident: (800)
    Plot Bonus: (180)

    NationName: (Realm)
    KingName: (Emperor King)
    Req. Resident: (1000)
    Plot Bonus: (200)

    NationName: (Universe)
    KingName: (All Mighty)
    Req. Resident: (2000)
    Plot Bonus: (250)


    Any Input? @Fuzzlr @Coelho @Cooleysworld @Sjoeppappentrap @Slicks @Deinen @Quaddy @reggles44 @btilm305
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2015
  2. iMeepCraft.

    iMeepCraft. Popular Meeper

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    Not a bad Idea but you need to make a Level 11 Town and Level 11 Nation and name them like this.

    TownName: (Frenzied Planet)
    MayorName: (Beserker)
    Req. Resident: (+9000)

    NationName: (Frenzied Universe)
    KingName: (Lord Beserker)
    Req. Resident: (+9000)
    Plot Bonus: (0)
    Hornemans likes this.
  3. Acceleradiance

    Acceleradiance Celebrity Meeper

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    Personally -1 on this suggestion, I don't think there should be any reason for there to be more titles for mayors and nation owners. Also, if this were to be added, I don't think it should go that high considering the fact that you and maybe few other people are the only ones able to achieve those ranks.

    You need to trick people into joining your town to get that amount of people in your town at today's rate.
  4. Krazycat600

    Krazycat600 Popular Meeper

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    I don't know. It seems like you just want some extra recognition for that advertisement on those towny spawns. -1.
  5. Hornemans

    Hornemans God of Meebles

    Likes Received:
    This is kind of OP and the names are funny but i like the idea of PLANET and UNIVERSE implies it can't get any bigger! Added them to the list but changed the names
    There are plenty of reasons to change this, so people that can make towns and have ranks that actually mean something rather than nothing. Same things with nations, will give nation a purpose and something for nation owners to try and achieve. You can get 1000 members, that is not a problem you just have to recruit people and not be lazy!
    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 9, 2015, Original Post Date: Mar 7, 2015 ---

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