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thewildones23 helper-mod app.

Discussion in 'Denied' started by Thewildones23, Nov 17, 2013.

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  1. Thewildones23

    Thewildones23 Meeper

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    In Game Name: diomandore192
    Skype Username: theoneinthecorner6
    Teamspeak: dont have one but i will get one.
    Mic use: no sorry it is broken
    Age: 13
    Timezone: GMT +6 Pacific time Hours online per weekday:6-9 Hours online per weekend: 7-10 Position Changes: Ult -> Helper-Mod

    Introduction: Hello Meepcraft players, and staff, thewildones23/diomandore192, here applying for helper-mod. You may know me for my failed app. but when i am noticing a hack or a mod that is not allowed i am not afraid to use shout,so i would love to step it up a little bit. To this day i love to help new players. Lately I've been giving away my hard earned meebles to players who need them more than I do. Once i saw 2 kids yelling at each other to give them meebles so i did the right thing and gave them both 200 meebles and i am proud to do that.So i would love to be part of staff just to help people more often.Sometimes my schedual with school can get messed up but i always find away to get back on the server.

    Why you should be Helper or Mod: I'm trustworthy, hardworking, and fair. I've been in the middle of a good number of fights/arguments on the server, and I'm not sad when I intervene. I always hear both sides of the stories before I try to help out. I also really enjoy playing on this server, and being apart of the community. So I thought I could help the players in times of need.

    Dedication: I'm a very dedicated person. If there is a problem, I will work my hardest to resolve it, or at least help out in some way. "I'm not a fail once and quit" type of person. I'm very hardworking, even in minor areas. If something calls for my assisstance, I will give it 100% all the way through.

    Active: I spend a lot of time of Meepcraft late at night, usually after a long day of school. During the night is when I have the most energy to do most things on the computer, so you could really call me a night owl when it comes to gaming and such. Furthermore, I spend about 6 or more hours a day on Meepcraft.

    Knowledge: I spend a good amount of time on the forums, even when I'm offline. I know most of the commands on the server, but not all of them. I know most players as well, so I know what to expect with some people. I know the rules well, as I try to remind people quite often.

    Organized: I am a very organized person. I'm quite the neat-freak. Whether it's the items on Meepcraft, or the files in my folders, everything has a specific and orderly place. Everything is sorted by title. I carefully sort the items in my Minecraft screenshot folder (In case I need to post a screenshot on the forums for some reason). I seperate each folder well, and I always write a brief note on why I took it to remember. I have two examples of my folders below. Example 1: Screenshots/Meepcraft/Badskins Example 2: Screenshots/Singleplayer/EpicBuilds

    Weaknesses: I can be forgetful at times, and I can overlook a small detail. But when it comes to work, I try to be as sharp as I can, and keep my mind on task. I am also kind of a quiet person, and communication is not always solid, but I try hard to work at it. During my day job, I am fairly open to people though. So when I am working, whether that be my job, or helping folks on Meepcraft, I am not as quiet as I usually am.

    Conclusion: I think I would be a good Helper-mod. I love this server, and community, and I want to be apart of it. I enjoy helping others, and having a good time. I want to help in any way I can, and I think being a Helper-Mod is the best way to do it.

    Thanks for reading and considering me. -thewildones23-diomandore192
  2. StopResetting

    StopResetting Popular Meeper

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    This is an auto-deny.
    You did not wait two weeks to reapply since your last application was denied. http://meepcraft.com/threads/thewildone23s-helper-mod-application.9245/

    Additional things to work on:
    • You need teamspeak.
    • Need a working mic.
    • Be more active (and obviously helpful) on forums, teamspeak, and in-game.
    • Give us more elaborate weaknesses.
    • Give us a more strong conclusion; reinstate reasons here (as its the last chance to sell yourself).
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2013
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  3. adtheren

    adtheren Popular Meeper

    Likes Received:
    Just to elaborate on what Lizzer said, you are not a Helper, and you will not be allowed to skip staff positions to become a Mod. You will have to apply for Helper, get accepted, then apply for Mod, and get accepted once again.

    Also, you're very new to the forums, the only posts you've ever posted were staff apps. And our Timezones are very similar, however, I have NEVER seen you in /shout AT ALL. Try talking in /shout more (we don't bite) and get more noticed.

    If you improve on this, there is a chance of you being in the staff team.

    But for now, -1, unless I see improvement in these areas, and maturity from you, this vote will not change.
    StopResetting likes this.
  4. Flamedemond

    Flamedemond Celebrity Meeper

    Likes Received:

    For reasons stated above.
  5. MeGustaYou

    MeGustaYou Popular Meeper

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    I'm a -1.
    You do not have a mic, nor teamspeak.
    Also, you may consider getting more active within the community. This includes forums, and getting to know people in game, or just talking in /shout sometimes. :)
  6. james_Grimplin

    james_Grimplin Popular Meeper

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    -1 team speak is required
  7. MeepStats

    MeepStats Legendary Member

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    As _Lizzer noted, it has not been two weeks since your initial application. Denied.
    Flamedemond likes this.

    UMADBRO? Well-Known Meeper

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    -/+ 0

    -1 Teamspeak is required.

    +1 Thanks for using the format. bit.ly/19urO0D
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