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TheOddPorpoise's Staff Application (Added to staff)

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by TheOddPorpoise, Jul 19, 2013.

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  1. TheOddPorpoise

    TheOddPorpoise Popular Meeper

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    IGN: TheOddPorpoise
    Skype: theoddporpoise15
    TeamSpeak: TheOddPorpoise
    Age: 12
    In game hours: (weekdays) 12 -4, 6- 9
    In game hours: (weekends) 10 - 4, 6- 9


    Hello everyone, I am TheOddPorpoise, and I'm here to play for this prestigious position of being a part of the Meepcraft staff. But before I start, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I've always enjoyed music, which is why I've decided to learn how to play an instrument. Currently, I play the Clarinet and practice as much as I can to play songs that I enjoy.

    I'm more of a nice person, and I tend to like assisting others with their problems, so I felt that Helper would suit me more. I started Meepcraft back in September 14th, 2012, and I first joined the staff as a "TrialMod" on November 30th, 2012. My run ended somewhere in April, when "you-know-who" came. While I wasn't staff back in September, I had much fun playing the games and meeting new people, and when I was, I made all new friends and had fun experiences. Although, I had fun, I also was good enough to make it as a moderator and really start my duties.


    So, you may be asking "Why choose me to be a part of your staff?", and I'm here to tell you. Back when I was a moderator, I liked to do many modreqs. I always felt accomplished when someone said "thank you" after I finished the modreq. Of course, this drive increased the efficiency of my work, and made me strive to do my best. I also jumped in to help out with anything server related I could, such as the old Christmas Terrarium and the Meepcraft Official Trailer. I was also one of the only 12 year olds to keep a moderating position for a long period of time. I also tended to help out more with longer cases, such as investigations for towny grief, and for towny theft. This next thing may not be especially important to you, but I thought that I would throw this out there. I was also the Deputy PRR alongside DancingCactus as the PRR in the beginning of April, and was a part of making the old Meep Daily News with him.

    Another main reason is that our staff needs more people, and we could use more experienced moderators who have been mods on Meepcraft before like myself. I feel that if I utilize my past knowledge of moderating, I could be able to preform well and do good as part of the staff. I believe that the staff need more eyes around different places to catch as many rule-breakers as we could. As a mod, I also some of the newer staff members how to use some of the commands. I've also tried to be able to be on as much as I can, and do as many modreqs as possible. Another reason could be because of my maturity. Even though my age may be a little young for your taste, my maturity makes up for it in my opinion. Whenever talking about a serious manner among the staff, I try to be as serious as possible. I also do my best to act professional when doing modreqs, or stating something of importance.

    I also hope that I can bring my abilities back to Meepcraft, and use them once again to be a part of making the server a better place for people. I did my best to complete my job, and assisted many people along the way.


    Of course, we are all humans, and we can't be perfect. Everyone has at least one weakness. One of my weaknesses is that I tend to be shy sometimes. This could often lead to not giving a response in staff discussions that often or speaking to others I'm not so familiar with, but over time this weakness will become less relevant as I grow more comfortable towards the people. Another weakness of mine is that I have a hard time listening to long conversations, but I try my hardest to do so especially in important topics.


    All in all, the server needs more experienced staff, and I wish to be an addition to this staff once more. I plan to do work as efficient as before, and learn any new rules and guidelines that have been added since April. Things may be different than before, but I plan to adjust, and get used to new things and the different responsibilities. Thank you for considering this application, and considering me to be apart of your staff once again.


  2. The_Squirrelman

    The_Squirrelman Popular Meeper

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    First, your application, it was beautiful. The way you described your motivation behind your work, and your initiative, it was real sincere. Your experience as a mod is clearly defined in that you know how to fill out an application perfectly, and I do agree with your take on our need of more experienced mods. I know that you claim to be shy, but you didn't seem all that when you were a mod. Overall? I hope to look forward to working with you as a staff member, talking it over with you in an interview, and learning from all your experience. +1.
  3. Deinen0

    Deinen0 Guest

    I agree, I love the application, and you seem very level-headed and mature. I am +1 for an interview.
  4. Cooleysworld

    Cooleysworld Celebrity Meeper Elder

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    Being mature regardless of age is a must, I love the application and the good I have heard. +1 for interview
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