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The Warp Book

Discussion in 'Closed Marketplace' started by SuperDyl, May 18, 2017.

  1. SuperDyl

    SuperDyl Popular Meeper

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    This page has information about The Warp Book. Owned by SuperDyl, this product series works to take all pwarps and organize them into useful ways. First off, pwarps are arranged into categories to make finding the right pwarp easy then the categories list their pwarps in ranked lists.

    The Warp Book can be acquired at one location: the EK Supply Co. at /pwarp Depot . This shop utilizes slot machines to sell Warp Books, due to a glitch with the chestshop plugin. Do not worry, the slot machines have a 100% chance of returning a Warp Book.

    Information about individual Warp Books is provided below. The naming of Warp Books is as such: each Warp Book comes with the title of "The Warp Book" followed by it's volume number. As an example, volume 1 (the oldest Warp Book) would be named "The Warp Book v1".

    The Warp Book v1 -
    Buy: 500 | Sell: 500

    This book was the first created. It was originally created to be sold to pwarps to be sold by owners of shops. Shop owners were hesitant of the idea which launched the creation of the Ender Knight Supply Co. at /pwarp Legend . This first book is older and quite outdated, but currently is the cheapest of the Warp Books. The book uses these catagories:

    General Stores - Warps which sell large assortments of different items.
    Specialty Stores - Warps which sell limited items in themes.
    Utility Areas - Warps to special services.
    Gambling Areas - Warps to somewhere where chance is involved.
    Malls - Warps to locations with shops owned by other players.

    The main format of the book is to list the pwarps in a category then go through each pwarp in the category by order and give extra information. Some specific rules limited which pwarps could go where. Pwarps could appear in multiple categories, but none could be both in general stores and specialty stores. A service counted as anything from a crafting table to a grinder. This book also utilized SETS, a naming convention for groups of pwarps to the same location.

    The Warp Book v2 - Buy: 1,000 | Sell: 500

    This was created to update the first volume. It has the same catagories and set up as the original book except for a few differences. First off, it uses better price comparisons for pricing estimates. Utility areas were also split up into individual services to better lead players to the services they need. Gambling areas was reduced in size to reduce pages.

    The Warp Book v3 - Currently unavailable

    Currently in production, this book is planned to take the format of v2 and improve it with updated information and better formatting. The book will include all pwarps from the forums page Pwarps which means any player can have their pwarp added to the book by posting on the forum page or informing @SuperDyl of their pwarp in any other way. This book plans to include a pwarp owned by @SuperDyl (/pwarp Depot) which means that careful reformatting must occur to assure a fair ranking occurs. This is the reason for many of the formatting changes occurring.

    First off, owners of pwarps will be informed directly of the ranking to come and how to improve their individual ranking. Just as important is informing pwarp owners with SETS so they can choose the best name for their set if desired.

    This book will be removing the categories of General and Specialty to be replaced with a price comparison system. A pwarp's ranking will come more from the average cost of items in a category then from anything else. The planned math includes using averages and percent difference comparisons and will account for missing items in a category by hurting the average score.

    This book is planned to be sold for 1000 meebles, sellable for 500 meebles, and will have a Preorder book available during development for 750 meebles.

    Preorder for v2 - Sell: One copy of "The Warp Book v2"

    This book is used not as an informational text, but instead as a pass to buy a copy of "The Warp Book v2". Players were able to buy copies of "Preorder for v2" during the production period of "The Warp Book v2" for 750 meebles. This allowed players to save 25% off the total price of the book. To receive the promised Warp Book, a player would sell a copy of this book at /pwarp Legend . Players can still sell a copy at /pwarp Depot for the same reward.

    The Warp Book is a perfect opportunity for all players:

    Town staff can use the book as new resident starter kits. Contact @SuperDyl !

    Citizens can use this book as a guide to the best pwarps for all shopping, service, and gambling needs!

    This page will be updated as needed to keep up to date information and improve its outline.

    Currently, The Warp Book is only available at the EK Supply Co. found at /pwarp Depot . It's found in the basement of the lobby area. Each book sells depending on it's volume number.

    It is requested that players do not sell or reproduce the book's information. Freely available for use is this list of Pwarps .
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 13, 2017 ---

    This page is getting updated to fit for all Warp Books and to give up to date information on The Warp Book series. Please be patient as this change is worked on!
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2017
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  2. TheTastyNacho

    TheTastyNacho Celebrity Meeper

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    I want one.
  3. SuperDyl

    SuperDyl Popular Meeper

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    Lots of information has been added to the page over the last week. Here's a rundown for use until the page is redone to be more easily readable. This post will use shorthand for Warp Book names by only posting the version number, such as "v1" for "The Warp Book v1."

    • v1 will be available to buy only for a short time longer. It will be replaced in the shop by a Preorder of v3.

    At the start of selling v3:
    • "Preorder of v3" will no longer be sold and be replaced by v3.
    • v3 will be sold for 1,000 meebles and sellable for 500 meebles.
    • v2 will be sold for 500 meebles and sellable for 500 meebles.
    • v1 will no longer be sellable.
    Some info about v3:
    • The categories "general" and "specialty" will be replaced by shop categories such as "Colored Blocks", "Banners", and "Nether Items".
    • Ranking will occur based on a shop's ability to fill a category and the price averages of those items in the shop.
    • More communication will occur with shop owners, especially to shop owners who communicate back.

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