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The Warp Book v3

Discussion in 'Closed Marketplace' started by SuperDyl, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. SuperDyl

    SuperDyl Popular Meeper

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    Hello, I'm @SuperDyl. I own the EK Supply Co. at "/pwarp Depot" and co-own the main shop at "/pwarp Depot" with @Math_Pro . I am also the writer of The Warp Book v1 and v2.

    I am creating this page to announce the start of writing of The Warp Book v3. The Warp Book is a series of volumes which each improve upon the last. The goal of the Warp Book project is to rank and categorize all pwarps. There is a free list of pwarps available to all players here ( Pwarps ), but it is long and difficult for users. The Warp Book is useful by categorizing the pwarps then ranking the pwarps within those categories.

    Traditionally, Warp Books are sold at the EK Supply Co. (Directions found on this page: Ender Knight Supply Co. ). The price is 1,000 meebles to buy a copy and 500 meebles to sell one. While the book is in production, a volume specific Pre-order book is avaiable for sale at 750 meebles and can be sold to receive a free copy of The Warp Book v3 when the book is complete. The books are bought by throwing in a specific hopper and bought using a traditional slot machine (with 100% win rate) due to issues with the chest shop plugin and written books.

    The Warp Book v3 will improve upon volumes 1 and 2 in some large ways. The traditional categories (General Shop, Specialty Shop, Utility, Gambling, Mall, and Other) are being almost completely replaced. Each category will be based on grouping specific items for sale or services provided into categories. For example, there might be a wood category and an ore category. The size and items of a category will be determined by the number of shops selling those specific items. Also, rankings within these categories will be based off of pricings for item shops and gambling locations, yet utilities will be based off of convenience.

    This last portion is for shop owners. To raise rankings of your pwarps, you should message me overtime whether in-game (/pm SuperDyl OR /mail send SuperDyl) or on this forum (@SuperDyl ). I will try to make the categories as fair as possible. The scoring system will raise rankings for those with better-than-average prices and decrease rankings for all worse-than-average prices. Both the buy and sell prices will be looked at for all items within the category. Items which are in a category which the shop doesn't sell or sets the sell price as Free will not harm the ranking score of a shop, but does leave room for other shops which do sell those items to do better.

    Six last things.
    1. There will be a section devoted to small shops which exist much for the atmosphere or fun instead of selling cheap items. Examples would be "/pwarp Gucci" or "/pwarp Mia". These shops will not be ranked but will instead be in an entirely random order.
    2. The pricing spreadsheets I currently have along with information about SETS (pwarps to the same location) will be made publicly available to aid shop owners in providing their best prices
    3. My shops, the EK Supply Co. and "/pwarp Depot", will be included in the rankings. To avoid bias, my shops will follow their regular rules of operation for judging.
    4. Multiple shops at a location (such as at mall areas) will be identified as separate shops.
    5. Pwarps to the same location will be given a SET name. This name can be negotiated with the pwarp SET owner; otherwise, the name will most likely be after the name of the player who owns the pwarp.
    6. Any pwarp can improve its rankings. As before, message @SuperDyl and ask for help.
    To all pwarp owners, good luck. To all players on Meepcraft, I apologize for not having a concrete release date. Feel free to comment below and offer any suggestions for the new book.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 22, 2018, Original Post Date: Jan 20, 2018 ---
    I should clear this up:

    The Warp Book v3 is currently in production and not yet for sale. Preorder books for The Warp Book v3 are not yet for sale but soon will be.

    I apologize for not making this clear before.
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 6, 2018 ---
    An update on progress with The Warp Book v3:

    I have nearly a full list of pwarps and shops. I'm still missing a shop I've seen somewhere but forgot the pwarp to and I'm finding shops which have just lost funding.

    I will be separating out individual shops at mall type pwarps to make them fit into the Warp Book ranking system. If you own a shop at a mall type place, I'll send you information so you can correctly number your shop to fit the ranking and make it easy for players to find you.

    My goal currently is to create fair categories for all blocks to be placed in. The categories and items which fit in each category will be publicly available so the community can suggest changes and shop owners can add items to their shops.

    Two last reminders:
    1. Any pwarps not appearing on this list ( Pwarps ) will NOT be included in The Warp Book v3, so inform me immediatly about any new pwarps.
    2. With The Warp Book v3, I want as much information to be publicly available as possible. I will post early releases of my spreadsheets with information on pwarps, SETS, and prices. If you have questions, ask me. I'm doing this to give as fair an opportunity for all shops to compete in ranking spots with my shop, the EK Supply Co. Use this information and ask for help on improving rankings.
    All right, that's all for now.
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 10, 2018 ---
    I have the start of categories for item shops here: Warp Book Categories
    Please suggest changes as this list isn't perfect. The goal of this list is to have as few categories as possible which people can find the items they need. Each category should have about 10 pwarps which fit that category.

    The importance of these categories is that a shop which sells more items from a category for a good price than other shops will have a higher ranking in that category, so I need these to be as fair as possible.

    Also, "The Warp Book v3" now has Preorder books for sale at the EK Supply Co. at "/pwarp Depot". "The Warp Book v3" will be 1,000 meebles while preorder books are 750 meebles, saving players 25%! You buy a preorder and keep the Preorder book. Then you return the Preorder book at the release of "The Warp Book v3" by throwing it into the sell hopper at the EK Supply Co.
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 14, 2018 ---
    Available now is the first price listing. I want all pwarps to have a fair chance with the rankings, and since I can see all the prices to help my shop in the ranking system, I want to give all players the same chance. I'm providing a link to a google spreadsheet which will list the first part of price comparisons between shops. Also, I'll provide a key, because I use a lot of colors to represent tidbits of information. If you change the price of a shop, let me know so I can update my prices and be more accurate with "The Warp Book v3".

    I will continue posting these spreadsheets for different categories but I will only update them occasionally. I plan not to mess much with earlier spreadsheets until I've gone through all item prices. Progress will be a little slow as it took about 2-3 hours to collect information of charcoal to quartz. I will periodically add new pwarps and delete outdated ones over time as I'm working on new spreadsheets.

    Link for the spreadsheet: v3 Ore Materials Price Listings

    Key for Item Listings:
    Pwarps' Names:
    Green: One shop at one pwarp with items fitting category for sale.
    Red: No items fitting category for sale. This ignores availability of items. Red coloring overrides any other color for a pwarp.
    Purple: Name of a SET. Prices for SETs are listed in these rows. SET names are capitalized.
    Yellow: Shop is one of many to the same location (part of a set). The SET is listed in the column "SET". Prices are listed at the SET name, not on a yellow colored pwarp row.
    Dark Blue: Name of a pwarp to multiple shops. Prices are listed with individual shops.
    Light Blue: Name of pwarp followed by "#" the address (numerically going clockwise starting on the left when first teleporting) then the name of a pwarp (if name is bolded) or a player username (if not bolded and a service or chestshops exist there).
    Price Colors:
    Red: Shop is unusable. Either full chest for sell shop or empty chest for buy shop.
    Yellow: Best available price.
    Orange: Shop temporarily unavailable (from the player being banned or out of money).​

    Please contact me with any questions.
    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 21, 2018 ---
    The project has been on a bit of a hiatus lately. I'm fixing this by restarting! Preorder books are still for sale, I'm just rechecking all pwarps once again. Already, the page Pwarps has been updated and soon the spreadsheet for ore pricings at Warp Book Categories will be updated as well. Just wanted to keep everyone informed! Thanks.​
  2. Orion9

    Orion9 Celebrity Meeper

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    My shop includes a lot of those categories so will you just put it in all of them according to that section or will you put it in a general/everyday store section!
  3. SuperDyl

    SuperDyl Popular Meeper

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    With the other Warp Books I had a general store category but I realized that using such categories ended with a lot of shops being in gray-areas. Instead, shops can be in as many categories as they fit into.

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