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TAC's Ebook Shop!

Discussion in 'Closed Marketplace' started by Theawesomechief, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. Theawesomechief

    Theawesomechief Popular Meeper

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    TAC's Ebook Shop:

    Currently selling:


    Unbreaking III - 2k


    Protection III - 600
    Protection IV -1k
    Blast Protection IV - 200
    Fire Protection IV - 300
    Feather Falling IV - 1k
    Depth Strider III - 1k
    Aqua Affinity - 200

    Respiration III - 600
    Sharpness III - 600
    Sweeping Edge III - 1k
    Looting II - 700
    Knockback II - 500
    Fire Aspect I - 400
    Fire Aspect II - 1k
    Smite IV - 300
    Bane of Arthropods IV - 300

    Efficiency III - 600
    Efficiency IV - 1k
    Fortune II - 700
    Fortune III - 1.5k

    Power III - 600
    Power IV - 1k
    Flame - 700
    Infinity - 1.5k
    Punch II - 1k

    Fishing Rods:
    Luck of the Sea II - 700

    Irregular Books: These have more than one enchantment, and are prices based upon its most valuable enchantment.

    Smite IV Thorns II - 1k
    Power III Fire Protection III - 600
    Protection III Respiration III - 600
    Power IV Smite IV - 1k
    Looting II Unbreaking III Fortune II - 2k
    Unbreaking III Bane of Arthropods IV - 2k
    Protection III Sweeping Edge III - 1k
    Fire Protection III Lure II - 600
    Power IV Punch I - 1k
    Luck of the Sea II Sweeping Edge III - 1k
    Protection III Respiration II - 600
    Feather Falling IV Aqua Affinity - 1k
    Fire Aspect II Blast Protection IV - 1k
    Bane of Arthropods IV Fortune II - 700
    Power III Efficiency III - 600
    Power III Sharpness III Protection III - 600
    Smite IV Respiration III Knockback II - 600
    Protection III Lure II - 600
    Bane of Arthropods IV Fortune III -1.5k
    Power IV Protection III - 1k
    Protection III Lure II - 600
    Efficiency III Power III Sweeping Edge III - 1k
    Power IV Unbreaking III - 2k
    Sharpness III Sweeping Edge III -1k
    Protection IV Lure II - 1k
    Efficiency IV Respiration III - 1k
    Efficiency IV Luck of the Sea III Unbreaking III - 2k
    Power IV Looting II - 1k

    Prices are negotiable, /mail send me offers, PM me on forums, or post on this thread for information! The catalog is updated regularly, so check back every so often!
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2017
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  2. Adam34falcon

    Adam34falcon Celebrity Meeper

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    Can't I just get these ebooks on amazon?
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  3. SuperDyl

    SuperDyl Popular Meeper

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    Any chance of silk touch enchantments?
    Adam34falcon likes this.
  4. Math_Pro

    Math_Pro Celebrity Meeper

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    I currently have like 2 d-chests of silk touch books, I can give to you free if you'd like. :)
  5. Theawesomechief

    Theawesomechief Popular Meeper

    Likes Received:
    No Silk Touch sadly. I'm updating every so often though!


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