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Discussion in 'Denied' started by Draqq, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. Draqq

    Draqq beans on toast

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    » /afk - I suggested it ages ago and got it got acceptd, but sadly never implemented..no idea why though. When a player messages another player who has toggled /afk, they will recieve a mesasge of something along the lines of "This player is currently afk and may not respond". Toggling /afk won't show the "so and so is now afk" message in /shout.
    » /depth - Gives altitude above/below sea-level (y-level 63). (most likely to be a donator perk)
    » /ping - Test for lag. The quicker "Pong!" appears, the less lag there is. I and many other players were always always left wondering if it was just lag or their chat not working, I feel this would be worthwhile to implement and will reduce the "lag" spam in chat.
    » /played (playername)- Displays your total playtime in hours (or an other player's playtime). Not really useful, but hey..it's another perk and it's pretty neat.
    » /packer - "Packs" select items into their respective blocks. For example, 9 coal -> 1 coal block
    » /trade - This is an item trading plugin for the players who don't want to leave their current spot or simply just don't want to interact with the other player much. After inviting the other player to trade they can do, /trade accept (or deny) - and it will bring up a menu and you can put the item you wan't to trade in it.(most likely a donator perk)
    » /lookup - See if a player is banned or not. Useful for the current invisable/private bans.
    » /extract to extract enchantments off of tools or armor.
    » /me - just makes local chat that one bit funner.
    » Allow players in the Creative server to set their plots gamemode. This could be useful for plots containing parkour or pvp arenas.
    » Not sure how to describe this, but some type of tax debt thing? This is generally for the new players who are unsure about making money, if they don't have the correct amount of money for their tax they will go in some type of debt (max of 2.5k/5k??) which will have to be paid back in a set number of days. If they fail to pay back their debt in the deadline they will be kicked out of the town and the money debt will be wiped.
    » Purchasable barrier blocks in donator/admin shop - or a donator perk for creative.
    » Fixwater/Fixlava/Drain/Ex commands (for towns)
    » Bring back /alpha, /beta etc etc commands
    » a simplified version of /thru or /unstuck for Supremes.
    » Change the text colour in the tutorial (http://prntscr.com/7ig5x6) - It's pretty hard to see.
    » Buyable perks in the shop! - allow players to buy temporarily donator perks to get a sneak peak of which each rank has to offer (there would obviously be a limit on this)
    » Starter kit for players, (already suggested this before too) which includes full leather armour, stone tools, some food and something like seeds to start of with. Everyone loves free stuff.
    » The revival of custom biomes! - why not?
    » Custom/Random events in /warp wild! - No, not like /warp events. Similar to Fallout/Skyrim, when exploring the map you will come across random stuff, hidden cave?, hidden village?, hidden "gang" of "special/custom" mobs? You name it.
    » New skyblock spawn, the current one is a bit bland (EDIT: It was brought to my attention this has already happened??)
    » Right-clicking obsidian: Only for new players (maybe until their island reaches a certain level - Simply break the unwanted obsidian in one punch! useful for players who may want to start over again instead of building over/around the obsidian OR using a bucket to transform the obbsidian back into lava.
    » The ability to join or create more than 1 island - There would obviously be a limit on how many islands one could have; This would be a perk for donators.
    » /tips - A simple tips and tricks plugin for new/unranked players, that when the command is
    executed by the player, they will recieve random tips every few minutes or so. This can also be turned on or off at any given momment. (NO LONGER NEEDED DUE TO THE NEW MEEPCRAFT GUIDE ADDITION)

    ^ e.g "Make sure to have enough meebles in your account to afford your town tax!"
    "The PvE arena in spawn is a great way to gather loot and xp!"
    "Low on cash? visit the market at /warp shop to sell general goods!"

    » http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/stock_market/ PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEE (possilble donator only perk) - I can see both reasons to either hate it or want it, but I'm assuming a great number of players would love this or a similar plugin like this.

    StockMarket is a plugin designed to create a virtual and random in game Stock Market that has random events and can be a lot of fun.

    You can customize the plugin so in general players will lose money, but the smart ones will come out making money. You can customize it so just about everyone is constantly making money. You can customize it so in general the stocks price stay about the same, with max and min prices so players cannot profit much from it.

    Theres lots of random events and always room for more, where stocks prices are affected by certain world events or company events. The frequency of these events can be customized.


    » Allow forum users to change their backgrounds/banners on their profiles - the current profiles look pretty dull.
    » A new forum theme/layout. Not needed at all, but it would be pretty nice to see a change from the usual bland current forums.
    » Disallow ban reports/requests for simple language, it's seriously a waste of time.
    » Allow forum users to add flairs to their threads, (similar to reddit) - e.g A thread within the sub-forum "Gaming" could have "Spolier", a thread within the sub-forum"Marketplace" could have Elite-Only, a thread within the sub-forum "Debates" could have NSFW...and so on. Again, not needed but it spices the forums up, just that bit more, very easy to implement and could overall be a help to the forunms.
    » Allow users to edit their own forum names. (Every 38 days?)
    » Add some type of format to the suggestion sub, self explanatory.
    » Implement a style switcher into the forums.
    » Add a character limit to signatures, (may have already been implemented, not sure) but..some of the signatures I have saw are just ridiculous and far too big.
    » Add server stats (Player Stats) to the forums.

    ^ Similar to most servers - The user will be allowed to search for themselves or other players and check out their in-game statistics. The stats will be broken down into 3 main areas and the information will be followed below.

    General -
    Name history (Simply shows the players username history)
    Date Joined
    Total Gametime
    Current state of player, Banned? Yes/No
    Bans (A list of all bans and ban lenghts)

    //why would this be useful? - This allows the player to check on their own stats or other players to check on their stats, for example a mayor could check to see if one of their residents are banned or if a player want's to see if the other player is trustworthy (e.g for loans and what not)//

    Towny -

    Current Town (This could be done automatically or something the users can input themselves, up to staff to decide the best option)
    Town Rank ; e.g mayor
    Date of town creation, Number of residents, town bank balance
    Towns joined in the past (again, maybe the users can input this themselves)
    Preferred Towny Server, e.g alpha or beta
    Total amount of time spent in each towny server

    //why would this be useful? - This allows Mayors to check on their towns while offline, allows residents to view towns and will allow them to decide on if the town is worth joining, for example checking how long the town has been up to check if the town will be stable during their stay//

    KitPVP -

    Amount of kills
    Amount of deaths
    Favoured kit? (not sure about this, I could see how it may be useful to others)
    Total meebles earned
    Total amount of Time spent in KitPVP

    //why would this be useful? - Again the same as above, could be useful for PVP team leaders. (self explanatory)

    It would pretty much look like this; http://prntscr.com/6u3c5e (Sorry for it not being super detailed, haha)

    I know you can check all of this in-game, but theres a lot of people like the forums a lot and would rather check instead of going through all the commands in-game, or you could be away from your PC and still want to check on all your stats.


    » Allow teamspeak users to create their own sub-channels. I know it's been denied a hell of a lot of times, but I still feel it would be a good addition within Teamspeak.

    ^ easy and quick to implement
    not everyone likes talking to strangers or infront of large audiences.
    allows users to talk about stuff off-topic than confusing and spamming up a channel.
    allows users to talk to their friends without going on another Teamspeak server.
    allows users to create /temp/ groups for speical occasions/events e.g some sort ofcompetition.
    generally makes TeamSpeak a better and more fun place.


    Users can set passwords for their groups so not just anyone can join. This allows the user to only choose who they want in their group and allows the group to be safely unmonitored by staff. Again, there would be no reason for staff to monitor these groups.

    » OR a set number of off-topic channels (maybe 3) - Pretty much the same as everything above without the permissions to create your own private channel.

    Some of these suggestions have probably already been implemented.
    (I'll edit them out if I know they have already been done, and will try add more when I have the time)
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2015
  2. Deinen

    Deinen S'all Good Man

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    Tons of awesome ideas, not 100% if we'll do all of them, but I know some are being done currently, or soon to be, and some are good and can be done too.


    (I need to go through and see what 100% can be done and not, if I remember/have time I'll update this, we have some other things going on in this area anyway)
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