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Start off Smart

Discussion in 'Denied' started by UglyUnicorn, Jan 5, 2015.

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  1. UglyUnicorn

    UglyUnicorn Celebrity Meeper

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    I'll bring up a different topic. The rollback (1/4/15) took place due to a high amount of TNT being lit up in 7 chunks.
    From my understanding, Onis has been stating for quite a while that we would be getting new database servers. He is said a few times in shout, and nothing has been getting done, I don't know if the new database servers would of reduced the lag, and rollback that tok place today, but I do know that this "idea" has been "taken to mind" for a quite a while now, except I don't see any improvements. Even with the amount of donations, nothing is still being improved, even though in the spamming chat, it says "Donate to improve the server quality" However very little representation of the server has met mine nor a lot of the other people's expectations.
    2) Also, do the recent lag issues that have been going on for the past century, why hasn't anything been fixed? This has always been an issue with Meepcraft, and yet, the lag doesn't get better. You say it does, yet it doesn't.
    3) With the tnt issue, Why not we make a suggestion to try and limit tnt on plots. If 7 chuck full of tnt is good enough to crash a server and rollback a whole days worth of work, why not we try to fix this issue, instead of closing threads (Like my previous one) and throwing it behind our back, saying everything will be okay.
    4) TnT: Why nt limit it? you nerd everything else on the server that brings in money, but why not nerf the things that bring in lag? This person obviously got the tnt very easily because he blew up 7 chunks. Why don't we have a limit to the amount of tnt that can be placed on a plot/chunk?

    Instead of thinking straight forward, why not think outside, and look at what the important things are first. Look at what people are mostly complaining about, and fix it. Don't go try to fix hit detection when 10% of the server is complaining about hit detection and 90% of the server is complaining about server lag.

    5) I also come to understand that there was "supposed" to be server maintanance, and bug fixes today, and they gave us a warning time of 40 minutes...well an hour later, without the server maintancance we start to disconnect. And next thing you know, a rollback, and a huge one.

    Want to delete the thread again? Fine. You will be hearing from me a lot more.
    Hopefully this won't be a another throw in the accepted file (if accepted) and never get it done after 1 year.
  2. GroovyGrevous

    GroovyGrevous Break hearts not blocks

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    just fix teh vote
  3. RaidByNightOnly

    RaidByNightOnly Celebrity Meeper

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    Fix Lag if nothing else gets done, Figure out the lag issue first
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  4. adlovesdogs

    adlovesdogs ex-staff <3

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  5. Coelho

    Coelho Onis_Luck Elder

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    That maintenance was completed today, and the server performance has dramatically improved due to it. This is not a suggestion.
    Lag issues are constantly being fixed. There is simply a lot of them. This is not a suggestion.
    I am not aware of this incident, but this is not a solution even if it was as you say it is.
    Cooleysworld fixes things that he finds possible for himself to fix. He is not able to fix the server lag, so he fixed the hit detection. I don't see how this in anyway wrong.

    On top of that, all server lag that still exists is caused by Towns (as usual) and grinders (as usual). Nerfing these is not the easiest task in the world as people would dislike that.
    I don't see your point. This is not a suggestion.

    I'm locking this. This is a rant, not a suggestion.
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