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Skunk's Helper Application :p

Discussion in 'Denied' started by Skunk, Jun 14, 2014.


Should I be Helper? lol maybe I shouldn't ask this question...

  1. Yes.

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  2. No.

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  1. Skunk

    Skunk Meeper

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    Hey there! This is Skunk. I just thought I'd throw my hat in the ring for helper! Thanks for reading! :D

    IGN: SkunkFandoms
    Skype: Nope, sorry...
    Teamspeak Username: Don't have this either, hope it doesn't matter... :/
    Mic Use: N/A
    Age: Ummm... Somewhere between 10 - 100. (Double digits :))
    Timezone: CST
    Hours online per weekday: 2-3 hours, I'm guessing...?
    Hours online per weekend: 2-3 hours, I'm guessing...?
    Position Change: Premium to whatever you deem me worthy of.

    Introduction: Hiya! I'm SkunkFandoms. Nice to meet you, <insert name here>. I'm a teenager, who loves school (I know I'm insane, all my friends say the same...), loves food, loves fandoms, and loves minecraft. And much like the members of the MeepCraft community, I enjoy a clean, fun, economical, multiplayer-esque atmosphere in which to play. I have been playing on Meep since last year. I know I haven't been playing on here nearly as long as some folks, and that I'm still technically a noob, but in my opinion that doesn't matter so long as you love the server you're on! :D

    The Why:
    -Experience: I have no experience being a helper or any sort of leadership position. However I feel Meep would be the perfect place for me to get experience, as it is a very friendly server, with amazing staff. I have seen staff teach Helpers to consciously play the role of Helper, so even if I'm unsure at first, I'll have the other staff members to help me on my Helper-y way.
    -Work Ethic: I'd like to say that I have a terrific work ethic, but I also don't want to exaggerate. I accept the work that is set before me, and try to do it to the best of my ability, and also in a timely manner. But my best work is always seen, when I have a strict set of guidelines to follow. And no, this is not because I'm lazy and will give a half-baked job whenever I want, unless told otherwise. It's because, with a set of guidelines, I know what I am supposed to do, I have a better understanding of the task, and this understanding results in less confusion about the said task.
    -Dedication: In my everyday life, I have been known to start projects and leave them halfway through. I know, I shouldn't put statements like that on this application, but hear me out! :D When I start projects, I usually have a terrific brainstorm and think and work on the project for about a week or maybe two weeks. But what I've noticed with Meep, is that after playing for one or two weeks, I continued wanting to play. This I believe is because of the wonderful environment, and community MeepCraft has, that always leaves me wanting more.
    -Involvement: I would consider myself involved in MeepCraft because, I have donated, I am actively on the server, and I participate in the forums. By donating to Meep, I have financially contributed to keeping the server running. By actively playing on the server I am supporting what MeepCraft is and what MeepCraft stands for, by saying, "Yes, I do play MeepCraft!" (Sorry, that was dramatic, but it's true! :)) And finally, I contribute to the community of MeepCraft by engaging in conversations, and taking the time to get to know other Meepers. In conclusion, I support MeepCraft in three ways; financially, supportively, and community-ly.
    -Performance: I would say that my Meep Report Card has a B+ in Performance. Possibly, and A-. On the server, I have always tried to present myself in a way that is conducive to positive relationships, and tried to follow the rules of Meep. Thanks to Meep, I now have many good friends, and have learned how to politely engage socially with fellow Minecrafters. And this is not just because o Meep's rules, it's because of my performance and ability to follow the rules. (Really, not trying to sound high and mighty. If it's sounding that way, my apologies.) So I'd say, judging by my friends and how I can socialize, I'd give myself a B+ report card.
    -Justification: I'm not really sure what angle this is coming from... Maybe elaborate on the question...?

    I have many weaknesses but I guess I'll only go into a few of them for time's sake. My first weakness, is probably my selfishness. I have a tendency to do whatever I can using whatever means necessary to achieve a certain goal. I may become obsessed with completing a task, and this obsession may inhibit my ability to fulfill the responsibilities of Helper. My second weakness is that I tend to let things slide, quite a bit. This can also be for selfish purposes, I may say I'm helping one person but with ulterior motives, with which to aid myself. My third weakness is that, I enjoy being clever. And while this is not always a bad thing, it can lead to fights, misunderstandings, and also make me look arrogant. However, I believe that with the help of the staff at Meep, I will be able to overcome these and other weaknesses I have, to help Meep as a Helper. lol that sounds funny.

    In conclusion, I would be very grateful if Meep would entertain the possibility of having me as a helper, on your server. And I will try my best to help Meep and be supportive in anyway I can when at all possible, whether I get this promotion or not. So thank you, MeepCraft for a terrific server, with wonderful community, I hope to delve even deeper into your awesomeness in the near future and am so excited to continue gameplay in this amazing world! :D


    Also wasn't sure where to fit this in so, here you go:
    Ban history: I was perm banned for X-ray, because I turned myself in. I later appealed my ban and the ban was lessened to 1 week. I thought I saw something about ban history in the app, just couldn't remember s there you go! Thanks for reading! :D
  2. nhjed

    nhjed Celebrity Meeper

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    I'm pretty sure polls aren't allowed in applications.

    You are active I must say.

  3. TrinityIV

    TrinityIV Popular Meeper

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    Skype is needed kid. Try re-applying when you have skype and when you have some mic use.
  4. chaos546

    chaos546 Canadian Forums Stalker

    Likes Received:
    Sorry, Skunk, but Skype and TeamSpeak are both required; start a conversation with me on the forums if you want to know why, as well as how to download/get them.

    This is denied. Please wait at least two weeks before reapplying, as well as follow the tips given above. Not only that, but there are multiple guides on the forums to help you with the application process.
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