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Best Posts in Thread: Senorsparklz Helper App

  1. HotAsianBeans

    HotAsianBeans Celebrity Meeper

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    You are very much qualified for a staff position.
  2. nhjed

    nhjed Celebrity Meeper

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    wat r u


    gun be da worst helpur evr

  3. SenorSparklz

    SenorSparklz Popular Meeper

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    In Game Name:SenorSparklz
    Skype Username: live:jp_force
    Teamspeak Username: SenorSparklz
    Mic use: Generally, although I tend to only get involved when important matters are discussed, or when I feel the need to add in.
    Age: 15
    Timezone: EST
    Hours online per weekday: 1-4
    Hours online per weekend: 2-6
    Position Changes: Citizen to Helper

    I didn’t want to make a somewhat lengthy application, but due to my absence, I feel that some newer players don’t completely know me.


    Hello, my name is Josh, but most of you know me as SenorSparklz. I’m a sophomore out of Central Maryland. My extracurricular activities include Student Government Association and Junior Varsity Basketball. Outside of school, I can usually be found at the gym, playing drum set, or sitting behind my computer screen for 6+ hours a day. I really enjoy music, and hanging out with friends as well.

    I’ve been a part of Meepcraft since August 2012. I grew to become dedicated and inseparable with this server. As I played here more and more, Meepcraft slowly became my only server, as I grew to love the community. Back in early 2013 I was a Trial-Mod (the equivalent of helper). In this “trial” period I was deemed unable to perform at the level needed to manage a server of this size. All this setback did was allow me to improve my knowledge and skills to attempt to become staff again someday. In mid-2013, I decided to reapply. I was accepted to be given an interview, only to be abruptly greeted with the CG era. I was never interviewed. Shortly after, I left Meepcraft to focus on school and other personal issues, but mostly for my impending second year of basketball. I returned mid-February this year to find a new set of community members, almost all of my old friends gone. At first, I was conflicted about my feelings for this new server, but I fell victim to this loving community too, and all the people happy to see me back.

    Why: Coming in with former staff experience, and an extensive stay on this server does nothing but improve my knowledge of rules, commands, and just how the server generally runs, and how a staff member must conduct his/her self. I have thoroughly gone through and attempted to get most of the commands back under my belt, following my return. I have relearned hawkeye and modreq commands, and I’ve now deemed myself ready to be able to become a helper.

    It sounds a bit cliché, but like most other applicants, I love to assist others in any way possible. I enjoy making other people happy, and making their experiences on this server amazing. This ties back to my intro, with the fact that I’m involved with Student Government, where my job description is literally “to address the needs of the student body”. This is no different than here at Meepcraft. In addition, I volunteer almost every Saturday at a nearby soup-kitchen called “Happy Helpers”. We go in front of churches and give out supplies and food to our local homeless. I try to live my life based on a quote I heard from a motivational speaker a few years back, “If you aren’t making someone else’s life better, then you’re wasting your time.” I know this doesn’t fully apply on a Minecraft server scale, but I have still instilled it into myself. Other than Fuzzlr and a few choice staff, I feel that my dedication is almost unmatched on this server. Being one of the oldest “Meepers”, I have stuck through thick and thin. Most notably I managed not to get banned during the CG era, and I stayed with Meepcraft, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel if you will.

    In-game and on the forums, I attempt to be very active and helpful. I can address almost any problems I see in /shout and chat. I try to alternate throughout parts of the server as much as possible, to deliver as much relief as I can. In the forums, I try to surf the Q&A’s section to look for any unanswered questions as much as possible. I also try to stay involved in the suggestions section of the forums, inputting any important information I feel that I can add. I’m almost always reachable on one of the 4 ways of communication, (Skype, TS, in-game, and the forums). In-game I always try to keep a good attitude. It is essential for other players to respect and listen to you when needed. I haven’t ever used foul language, trolled, or insulted any players in a serious or harmful tone, even though it’s hard to tell sometimes. I never complain, or make up excuses, and I apologize for any inconvenience or harm I cause, always. I respect other players, and staff members at all times, as any well-behaved player should.

    In almost all denied applications I’ve seen that the question, “Why am I special over everyone else?” is often ignored. I believe the character trait of dedication is what makes me stick out from the pack. As I said with sticking through the CG era, I’ve displayed this quality of dedication that few other players have showed. When I start something, I finish it. If your name is on it, you do it to the best of your abilities. I know that I will stick with Meepcraft, and stay dedicated to this community for a long, long time.


    I’m glad I have discovered my weaknesses through not being accepted into places, teams, and the staff of Meepcraft. It’s more important to have the experience and be able to develop your character for the next time. Here I will address my most fatal flaws:

    Decision making skills/Dependability: I was told that the main reason for my demotion last year was this very weakness. I’ve improved in the fact that I use decision making and leadership skills every day in Student government and almost all other activities in my life. In a different aspect, I’ve made good decisions that have led me to not have been temp-banned since early 2013. I’ve been temp-banned only twice due to my immature younger self. I now feel confident when making decisions, because I’m aware that I can make the right ones.

    Immaturity: Something I’m glad to have almost completely rid of my character. I still like to have fun and joke around, but my actual immaturity has almost completely faded away with age and experience. I’ve worked the most on my immaturity, and the consequences associated with doing or saying the wrong things.

    Time assigned to playing Meepcraft: I believe I lack in the fact that I don’t have that much time compared to others to attend to the server. I have to balance sports, school, and SGA in my life, along with some more pressing family problems. I can make up in this category by making sure that I don’t lack in efficiency or effectiveness in the time I do have.


    I really want to drill into everyone’s minds that in staying with this server, I have shown my dedication to this server’s success. I’ve improved my knowledge and skills needed to become a part of the staff team, and even excel as a helper. I sincerely believe I could benefit the server immensely, and make the experience of players here a great one.

    Thanks for reading the whole thing if you did, and make sure to leave a constructive and useful comment down below if you have one.

    Thanks again, Senor
  4. Sirrr_Pig

    Sirrr_Pig Bacon

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    Pretty recent you came back. However, you were a great staff member before and your app was great and you are a nice person. Accepted for interview.