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ScotlandBoss's Helper Application

Discussion in 'Denied' started by ScotlandBoss, Nov 24, 2013.

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  1. ScotlandBoss

    ScotlandBoss Meeper

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    Dear Fellow MeepCrafters,

    In Game Name: ScotlandBoss
    Nickname: Scotty
    Age: 11

    This is ScotlandBoss here applying for helper. I would like to be helper because i am good at helping out and i absoloutly LOVE giving a helping hand. I may only come on MeepCraft on friday, saturday and sunday but when ever i get my time on the computer i will straight away go on Meepcraft. I have been banned two times for very minor towny greifing but im sure will never happen again, i just dont know what i was thinking, i was being a complete idiot. I do know a bit about being in the amazing MeepCraft staff, as my best online friend mylucky7 has been helper and mod and he told me that it is tough work but its worth it. Even if i do not get helper, i'd just like to say a massive thankyou to everyone on MeepCraft as they have really taught me a couple of things and we have had a laugh together. I try to keep up to date with the forums which are very interesting as there is so much gossip about MeepCraft, different things and everything. I joined MeepCraft when RoseNow wasnt banned, and trust me, i absoloutly LOVED the whole thing. First time i joined I was addicted to CTF in Meep Colonies and i loved it. I then came on to towny which is were i met mylucky7. Then i have been on towny every since! Anyway, like i said i am so very thankful to MeepCraft, there staff and the donors and everyone on it for friending me and supporting me throguh rough times. Thanks.

    Thankyou for reading my rubbish application,



    Even if this is denied (which it probably will be) I will still be happy and the Boss Of Scotland. Bai
  2. nasapc123

    nasapc123 Popular Meeper

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    I recommend you check out the format before applying... Denied, you could reapply in 2 weeks if you followed the format, listed at the top of the previous page
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