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Best Posts in Thread: Russia's Election Meddling

  1. Aarett

    Aarett Celebrity Meeper

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    "Our source is not the Russian government. It is not state parties." ~Julian Assange, editor-in-chief of Wikileaks

    Hacker Guccifer 2.0 has claimed responsibility for the leaks. Also, Guccifer has claimed responsibility for additional political hacks. While he/she/it is a fairly new hacker/group, there is evidence pointing to the fact that they may be a cover up for the Russian government's intervention, despite their claims to be an individual Romanian hacker. Guccifer, however, is not for certain the hacker, as other directly leaked documents have been proven inconsistent.

    There is also speculation that it was not the Russian government, but rather a group of Russian citizens doing so on their own. "It makes much more sense to me that the Russian government had nothing to do with this, but that Russian-speaking hackers did it on their own for fun or profit or both" ~Jeffery Carr, CEO of cybersecurity firm Taia Global

    That being said, the ethicality of releasing the emails so close to election night I do not see as fair game. The scandal did potentially damage Hillary's support by as much as 34%. This, however, was a study taken from just 1,781 respondents, so reliability is far fetched.

    On the other side of the argument, people seem to be forgetting, Hillary is the main cause of this problem, not hackers. This is of her own doing. May I remind you, she "may have" broken multiple federal laws with her private email server. To draw a somewhat comparable parallel, imagine a child does something they are not supposed to. Consequently, someone tells one of their parents, and the child gets in trouble. Who's at fault? The child or the tattle tale?

    As for my personal stance on the matter, the American people have a right to this information, just as I believe we have a right to Trump's tax return (which still have yet to be released). Personally, I am disappointed. Not with the results or scandals, but that out of 324,118,787 people, we narrowed it down to these two. Trump is going to be president. Just as I would have in the situation of Hillary being elected, however, I will support the policies of the PEOTUS that I agree with, and will be a productive citizen. Let's pray that America will have a successful upcoming 4 years. Remember, how this goes is not a failure or success to just Trump, but to America as a nation.
  2. Kazarkas

    Kazarkas Celebrity Meeper Elder

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    Should Russia have done it? No.

    Does Russia exposing such matters excuse the behavior of the DNC? No.

    Sounds like people complaining that they got caught. I would say Hillary getting debate questions is a bigger problem than a foreign entity exposing it. I also don't understand the disportioncate response to this when you compare it to China. Its also naive to believe we don't engage in cyber warfare with these foreign entities as well.