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rufuscoombe - Helper APP

Discussion in 'Denied' started by Unknown Bean, Jan 12, 2014.

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  1. Unknown Bean

    Unknown Bean Well-Known Meeper

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    In Game Name: rufuscoombe
    Skype Username: Private - /mail me
    Teamspeak Username: rufusvasion
    Mic use: Very good
    Age: 12
    Timezone: GMT (London)
    Hours online per weekday: 1-3 hours
    Hours online per weekend: 4-8 hours
    Position Changes: Premium -> Helper

    Introduction: Hello, I'm Rufus! (Roo-Fuss) and I will be entertaining you for the next few minutes. I do hope you consider my application, as I have decided I shall take my time, effort and concentration to this application. I will tell you a bit about myself now; I love meepcraft! I know, that's what everyone says, but, to be honest, Meepcraft is my life! I get bullied at school for playing minecraft. I don't give a cake. I <3 Meepcraft. I have been on, since some time in 2012, near the end. I program sometimes, in my free time. (Which isn't a lot because I'm usually playing meepcraft!) I know, my grammar isn't absolutely the best, but I hope you can handle it so far! I love to help in /shout, and sometimes I like to mess around a bit, with my friends. The policy in meepcraft is something I like to listen to, and concentrate on! I have never been banned on meepcraft, (I believe...) and I love the meepcraft forum community too. Anyway, It's time to convert to the main bit. See you in 2 milliseconds!

    Why you should be Helper/Mod/Supermod ? I feel I can help meepcraft a lot with my skills, I am a good team-player. I have had some experience with being a staff member in the past, so I will know how it works and I will love it. (I hope! c:) Not caring whether I'm moderator, or helper, I know I will have a big responsibility in a lot of things. Helping is a thing I like to do. I help, in real life, some call me a Teacher's Pet but I don't give another cake!
    I don't have an amazing experience with the forums, but I will learn and I will enjoy it, as I go along alone! As I go through my journey of being a helper, I will have help along the way. Other fellow riches, including S-Mods, other experienced Helpers and Moderators! As I get more experienced, I will engage in helping new staff members, on their way to sucess! Listening, is another thing I love to do. Stories are a thing I love too! :D
    Reading, listening, helping, and agility will help me a lot on my journey, and they are all things I can do! So this is why I think I'd make a good helper.

    Weaknesses: Being away from the computer is a thing I tend to do a lot. I am always busy with homework, as I am new with a lot of homework and it will take a while for me to carry on with the work I have to do. But, I will always have the free time to play Meeeep and hang with my buds.
    Another thing, I tend to do is eating. I eat A LOT! I'm on my growth spurt, at the moment, but will be off as soon as I can, XD! Those are, hopefully, the only weaknesses that will stop me from helping and answering them questions!

    Conclusion: For me, becoming a staff member, is the best day of my life. It's like being the boss of everything. Having the biggest responsibility of my life-time and to come! I feel I will make a great helper, and I will do as I'm told. Perhaps, helping. The clue's in the name! Hopefully, you will consider my application, and give me questions so I can tell you whether, it's a yes or no. Thank you for reading my application, consider carefully, and have a good day!

    Bye! Thank you for taking the time of reading my application :D
  2. ManUtdFTW11

    ManUtdFTW11 Celebrity Meeper

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    New member on forums
    Gt more in shout
    The app was lacking in my opinion
  3. Unknown Bean

    Unknown Bean Well-Known Meeper

    Likes Received:
    That's alright! :D
  4. CyborgZeroX

    CyborgZeroX -=Retired Staff Member=- Elder

    Likes Received:
    Hello, Unknown Bean

    Gratz on your 1st post.

    Helper Application
    Should Never be your 1st post.

    -1 Reasons below:

    1. New Member
    2. I never heard of you till now.
    3. Please put real weakness
    4. Never seen you help in /shout

    Some tips:
    1. Spend time helping in /shout
    2. come talk on Teamspeak! its a blast!
    3. Become part of the community
    4. Post more on Forums in Q/A, Discussion
    5. Don't post in ban appeals that you have nothing to do with.
  5. Dynamic gaming

    Dynamic gaming Meeper

    Likes Received:
    I can see that your title below your name says ¨New member¨ which is not a good way to start, I barley see you in game, and your app was not the best so Im going to be a -1 but Good luck.

    Remember to improve your forum activity and help more in /shout
  6. abbythrowsstuff

    abbythrowsstuff Celebrity Meeper

    Likes Received:
    This is your first forum post.
    Thats all I really need to say.
  7. bideawee

    bideawee Active Meeper

    Likes Received:
    If eating is a weakness I'll never be helper.
    mrli1 likes this.
  8. Klitch


    Likes Received:
    - Never see you ig.
    - Never see you on ts.
    - Forums activity is bad.
    - If you are ig when I am then you aren't helping in /shout.

    -1 Overall
  9. mrli1

    mrli1 Popular Meeper

    Likes Received:
    Hi Rufus! Here's what I have to say.
    You are a new member,
    and this is one of your first messages.
    Try and not make eating a weakness, because we all know it's not.
    -1 for me. GL in the future though! ;)
  10. Quaddy

    Quaddy Retired | SuperDuperMegaTrooper

    Likes Received:
    Hi rufus,

    For me at this moment, its going to be a -1;

    You seem like a nice person but I would work on the following:
    • Forum activity- Like others have already said, its really important to have some kind of forum activity before applying. Post in Q&A, Report a Bug, and Suggestions
    • I haven't seen you on TS before
    • Your weaknesses do not relate directly to your application. What qualities or bad habits do you have you believe may interfere with your performance as staff.
    • Chat in shout more. There's always people who need assistance in shout!

    Don't be discouraged; just work on what I and the others who have responded have said and I'm sure things will turn out.
  11. Sjoeppappentrap

    Sjoeppappentrap Sjoeppappentrap Elder

    Likes Received:
    Rank scam
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