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RossCoombs Guide - Giving sufficient Evidence.

Discussion in 'Unofficial Guides' started by RossCoombs, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. RossCoombs

    RossCoombs Popular Meeper

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    So, I was told I should make a guide, and this is what I came up with! It's really worth a read and can help staff out with catching scammers, griefers, or cheaters.


    Getting screenshots are reasonably simple.

    To take a screenshot on Minecraft with windows, you just simply press f2. If you have a weird laptop like me and things are inverted, you may need to press fn before pressing f2. That's probably just me lol. To then find the screenshots, you'll want to press START(Windows Logo) and in the searchbar, type '%appdata%' and press enter. This should put you in a folder named 'Roaming'. You then go to .minecraft and then go into the screenshots folder. Here, you'll find all of your minecraft screenshots. :)

    To take a screenshot on Minecraft with mac, you have to press fn-f2. Then, to find the screenshots, you go to '~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/screenshots'. I do not have a mac, so do not know how to find them properly, but if you can find Library, go to Application Support -> Minercraft -> Screenshots.

    Uploading Screenshots:
    I upload screenshots using imgur, as it's simple to use. There are plenty of other image upload websites, but this is my favourite, and to upload, you can simply open your screenshots folder, and drag and drop them onto your web browser when on the website. (Google 'imgur')
    You can then post the link of the images to the forum when posting a ban request/appeal or anything and it should work just fine. If you are having any issues with imgur, just message me in game or on the forums and I'll be happy to help you out. :D

    Video Recording:
    If you are PvPing, it's best if you use a video recording software, although it may make your minecraft lag, it means you can easily catch hackers for the staff. You can also use video recording software to make sure you're in a safe transaction, nobody can get scammed. As staff, we can use HawkEye, but if you record your transaction/pvp, it will mean we can deal with the situation faster.

    For windows, I recommend using something like HyperCam, or bandicam. If you want to put some money in, or get something any other way(I am not going to take any responsibility for your actions), then get something like Fraps for a good quality recording software. To record with fraps, just go through the settings and then by default(Can be changed) you press f9 to start/stop recording. I am not too sure about other software, but it's probably more obvious than fraps. If you have any issues with fraps, message me in game/on the forums.

    For mac, it's simple! Mac, by default I believe, has a program called Quicktime installed, which is a good quality screen recording program. I recommend that if you have a mac, just use this. When I had a mac, it's what I used to record! :D

    1: GRIEFERS.
    Getting evidence that someone griefed could be quite tricky. You can either not get evidence, and just put in a mod request, take screenshots of the griefing as it happens, and post a ban request, or you can record the user breaking the blocks. Recording will be the best quality, as long as you prove that it's your plot and you are sure you haven't given them permission. Griefing is a big issue, and is something that can be fixed easily, in most cases.

    2: THEIVES.
    Thieving is something that comes up quite often, and really you can just take screenshots of your chest, the items coming out, or record them taking things out. We will always have to double check that the user did take stuff out of your chest, so sometimes the best way is to get a staff member to check the situation out.

    Catching scammers couldn't be easier. You can record the whole event, from you saying you'll pay the user, them saying okay, you giving the money, and them not giving the item. You can also take screenshots of each message/transaction. Some investigation may take place, to stop you just getting people banned for nothing.

    4: HACKERS
    If you see someone hacking, maybe using Forcefield, sprint hacks, or anything else, the best proof/evidence will be recording. Unless you can take lots of screenshots in a short amount of time, recording will always be superior. You could also take screenshots of people admitting to using hacks, because what better proof can you get than them telling you they use it? (Well, actually mods could see the user hacking or something, but shh)

    Well, for now that's about it. If you have anything else you think I should add, I'll be sure to do it.
    Thank you for reading, and I hope this helps you in some way.
    Happy Meeping! :D
  2. marvelgamer13

    marvelgamer13 Popular Meeper

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    Very nice, well done. If in the case I would need to get evidence, then this is what I'd read first. Thank you Ross, and make sure your laptop stops being weird apparently :p :3
  3. MrJoe223

    MrJoe223 Popular Meeper

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    plus one for staff
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  4. superbros1211

    superbros1211 Most Popular Meeper

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    Awesome guide thanks so much!

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