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Discussion in 'Towns Archive' started by anikin ultimate, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. anikin ultimate

    anikin ultimate Popular Meeper

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    This is from the town of Robocraftia, we have many things to offer, such as an amazing restaurant (/pwarp EEA) that sells all types of food at a buffet and drinks at the bar, weekend party every Thursday. We even have a menu to choose from. We have a grinder that gives out 1 diamond chest plate to everyone. We have lots of plots and lots of nice people. And even /pwarp EEA is looking for staff so if you join the town, you get a higher chance of joining the team! We have 2 spaces available for jobs. We are looking for active residents. If you are interested in joining, just do /mail anikin2002 I want to join Robocraftia. And you will get a plot made for you before you are invited (make sure to be on at the same time, my time zone is GST +4) I hope you have a good day, and I hope you have space for our town. Bye! :D

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