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Remove/Deny meeble rewards per checkpoint

Discussion in 'Denied' started by FamousZAmos, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. FamousZAmos

    FamousZAmos Popular Meeper

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    The real dedication in parkour is in finishing, not in just trying. It took me two and a half days to do chillroom the first time. Most players will never finish it. This isn't to say "whooo lookat me I'm so good" but rather to show that when you're trying to reach the end, a true parkour player won't give up, regardless of skill.

    Recently a new parkour plugin was added, and it allows you to save checkpoints even if you log off. After this a suggestion was made (and accepted I believe) to re-add meebles per checkpoint instead of at completion of the course. Since a player can log off, and come back to finish a course, I don't see a reason for meebles at each checkpoint. Meebles per checkpoint will also make grinding money quickly very easy, especially since the courses City and Chillroom allow for large amounts of progress to be made (and the harder parts are near the end)

    Since the most difficult parts of Stronghold, City, Chillroom, Countryside, Cactus, and Flower (in my opinion of course) are the end, this seems as if the courses are balanced so a player will be so far in as they won't bee TOO discouraged to finish, but they will be challenged. Removing end-only rewards for parkour will ruin the real value of these courses (especially flower, city, and chillroom) in my opinion because there won't be a reason for new players to complete them, only to play them.

    I hope I made you see this from the other side. I really think this will hurt meep's parkour subcommunity and the only thing it will help is to buff player's balances.
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  2. Muunkee

    Muunkee Legendary art supply hoarder

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    because some people dont want to finish a pk course and some people find it more exciting when there's smaller rewards along the way instead of being discouraged when theres one all the way at the end that can potentially take that person days or weeks to get to

    Really just keep it at 100-500 meebles a checkpoint and we good.
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  3. EllieEllie

    EllieEllie Staff Member Leadership

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    So the reason that suggestion is pending is because we've had a discussion about whether or not our current parkour plugin will allow this. We weren't gonna fully accept or deny without looking at the plugin first. If we can, and we decide to add it, we'll be making sure there's a 7d timer, like with the end reward, and also that the prizes are small.

    A pending suggestion doesn't always mean it's going to happen, just that we wanna look at it closely to see what we can do with it
  4. smk

    smk Celebrity Meeper

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    I get that parkour is a dedication, but if you aren’t amazing at parkour and have that astounding dedication, then you will never get meebles and will never parkour on the server.

    Previously it was like this in city parkour, and bc I got rewarded even when I had never completed the course, i still tried city parkour every single week for 3 years. For the last year, I’ve ran through the course maybe twice bc before this point I hadn’t been able to complete a room due to some lag backs on iron fences.

    I’m a -1, because if the payout doesn’t change, then I don’t see any negative to having every checkpoint pay something. And the fact that people will be rewarded for parkouring is still ideal, and waiting until the end to payout turns people away
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  5. diamondkid123456

    diamondkid123456 Popular Meeper

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    1. Checkpoints did save your progress when you logged off back in the 2013-2014 era when I played. So listing that as a positive to the new plugin is irrelevant as it existed prior to this.

    2. It will not "kill" the economy or "buff" balances, especially with the existence of voting. 500 needles per increment would be the same as a daily bonus and significantly less than the money earned by voting.

    3. Parkour was highly popular when checkpoint rewards were in place. People of all abilities tried different courses and even if they did not finish them, they got a reward.

    4. IT WILL NOT KILL THE ECONOMY. A 500 meeble or even a 1k meeble reward per checkpoint will not kill the economy. One can earn significantly more than that by voting.

    5. It cannot be abused. In the old days, you could only claim checkpoint reward once every 7 days, regardless if you stop/start parkour.

    6. We are not removing end only rewards. We will have major rewards for finishing a course(i.e. 7.5k for city, if that is correct) while the checkpoints will only hand out 200/500 and maybe a maximum of 1000 meeble increments.

    7. Few people do parkour on this server as a result of rage quitting. They realise they are not going to get anything out of doing it and are just wasting their time. BUT if a person gets rewarded at a checkpoint, they will continue to strive and try to reach the next.

    8. How will it hurt meepcraft's parkour sub community? It would only encourage more people to do parkour.

    The end rewards will and should be substantially higher than checkpoint rewards. HOWEVER, checkpoint rewards should occur to encourage players to continue playing. Think about it, if you're a "noob" who's real bad at parkour and you tried really hard and made it to checkpoint 2 in city, you would give up because you see the distance you would need to go to. However, if you get rewards per checkpoint, you would be more inclined to reach the next, the next and the next until you finally finish parkour.

    I believe parkour rewards are LOW in comparison to old meep. For example, 5k for city or even 7.5k can take from half an hour(expert) to several hours(beginner) yet you could earn that amount from selling vote keys.

    Parkour increment rewards DID work and they will now! We can see the lack of people playing parkour as many see parkour as simply being a waste of time...

    Sorry For the intense juice but I do believe parkour increment rewards are necessary as they worked really well for meep in the past.

    MEMO: I started meep in early 2013. When I did, parkour was packed and everyone tried to reach the next checkpoint and receive the next reward. It was one of the best ways to earn money on the server and rewarded the effort of many. It did not kill the servers economy as the prizes were of an adequate size. If you want to play the "BUFF" card then complain about voting(don't go there, thats where I earn my $$$).

    But again famous, you may be good at parkour but others are not. We need to reward the noobs so they feel inclined to do parkour and so that they do not quit. They need a bit of a boost from time to time to keep on going. Again, this could ultimately lead to a positive of higher player retention as it kinda possesses the same addictive attribute as gambling, "you can do it, try a bit more" but in a much more positive respect.

    Really did not mean to be rude by this, I promise dude xD
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2018
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  6. hardegat

    hardegat Celebrity Meeper

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    It's simple. If it increases player count keep it, if it decreases player count scrap it. If it increases player count to a point that it affects the economy, review it.
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  7. FamousZAmos

    FamousZAmos Popular Meeper

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    yes but it's new to new players. Acting like your opinion is more relevant than anyone else's because you're an "old" player is childish at best.

    I didn't say it'd kill the eco. It will buff balances though, since less skilled players will get rewards when they don't complete it. I expect output meebles from parkour to double. Hardly an eco-killer but still noteworthy
    Meepcraft was highly popular then. Minecraft was highly popular then.

    huh wonder where your staff rank tag is

    where is your evidence. I've seen or done parkour with probably 40+ people on the server... not many play it constantly because there's only the 8 courses with the 7 day cooldown, and none are challenging enough to take an immense amount of time.

    If player's don't "Need" to finish a course for meebles, most won't. I got into parkour by steamrolling each and every course, taking hours for most and two days to complete chillroom. I didn't give up. Creepersareokay won't give up. But Viperfan17 (sorry for using you as a ref, fella) will give up. He's only there for the reward. I imagine probably 80% of players will still not finish courses will per-checkpoint rewards. (also, becoming skilled enough for competitive speedrunning will be rare at best. I told creepers it will probably be him and acceleradiance at the top for the next year or so, unless someone already skilled joins)

    you know... in 2014 I got on meep. First server ever, in fact. Ghost was telling me all about this "cool city-themed quartz parkour" so I logged on meep and gave city a try, and I was absolute garbage. I tried city for hours and could physically not make progress. So I kinda stopped since I wasn't interested in eco or towns or social at the time. When I came back I tried it again and finally beat city, after so many failures. I never quit because I never knew how long it was :joyful: I finally got it, and after only a month I beat chillroom (proving chillroom is too easy and there needs to be a challenging course but that's a rant for some other time, or never) and tried speedrunning countryside. I just wanted to be the best. Anyone who is really driven will be able to beat meep's courses. Anyone who's just in it for the money isn't going to get skilled unless they're ""forced"" to play through till the end of the course.

    I think it's the lack of people playing Meep fella. I've seen from 2 (in the mornings) to around 8 (in the evening), hardly seems like a dying mode.

    They're lower so they don't break the eco. Since only around 15 currently active players are dedicated enough and skilled enough to beat half the courses, that group has a source of pretty easy income that others can't get. If 5% of players were given 50k per week, every week, people would make a fuss. Raise rewards and even more of a divide opens.

    what kind of "experts" are you talking about? :joyful: that's a garbage time.

    if that's "beginner" then I know a lot of meepers who are "beginners" because of bad luck on cp8. Viper said he's going to do a cp per DAY on city.

    Considering voting is keeping several large towns running, I think it's pretty obvious it's overpowered (not the right topic, but still)

    I'm not xd took me 37 minutes to do chillroom yesterday, it should take like 15-30 :/

    See, it's funny, human nature is "oh I can't do this? watch me." humans thrive under adversity. That's why this game upload_2018-3-19_11-1-15.jpeg is so popular. People striving so hard to complete a level that they finally can. No reward until completion, just a meaningless "you died" or "new best" to keep you going.

    Nah we good man. I vehemently support rewards-at-the-end and regardless of what happens I'll still play parkour in Meep. However, an influx of new unskilled players trying to grind parkour for quick money will be both annoying and unhelpful in my opinion.
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  8. CluelessKlutz

    CluelessKlutz Badmin

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    This has been denied as it is not yet implemented; and will be balanced.

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