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Reasons why becoming a MOD

Discussion in 'Denied' started by Vincent2004, Nov 16, 2014.

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  1. Vincent2004

    Vincent2004 New Meeper

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    Game player: Spartain02. These are my reasons why I should become a Mod because, Iv'e seen a lot of spam and I think it is unacceptable that people get away with stuff and staff aren't catching a lot of mistakes and also kitpvp because people are going under ground inside walls and hacking and I'm mostly on about 6/7 days
    in the week so I can catch most stuff and help people cause I'm really good at catching stuff and nothing gets past me. Also people are luring towns and takings hundreds of thousands of meeples and it still is unacceptable so I can catch more stuff.

    Towny & kitpvp problems

    People think its funny for other people to kill them in kitpvp and getting kill streaks for money NO! That is the wrong way of getting money. Also the towny problems is that assistants, Co-mayors & Owners/mayors are kicking residents from the towns for no reason and that is also unacceptable and assistants are getting mad over residents and they are kicking them and banning them from towns and that is still unacceptable because Once I was in a situation like this before and I was a resident from District12 and the town assistant Destroyer_2013 found a house that was messed up from the town and it was his friends and he blamed it on me so I did a /Modreq and then it was Bob444444444 so then Destroyer_2013 was the town assistant and now he can no longer be assistant or Co-mayor for the town District12 and Abbythrowsstuff said so to.

    In Conclusion,
    These are my reasons why and I should become a Mod-Helper and for all of this information and thank you for reading my thread and so you can believe and see all of my information so you can see all of the problems I stopped and the situations I made.
  2. Toostenheimer

    Toostenheimer Legendary Meeper

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    Did not even follow the format
    I never see you
    Did not post a weakness
    EDIT: Need skype and TeamSpeak
  3. KariStar86

    KariStar86 Heroine of Time

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