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Denied Really

Discussion in 'Ban and Mute Appeals Archive' started by Old_Pink, Jan 28, 2014.

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  1. Old_Pink

    Old_Pink Celebrity Meeper

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    IGN (In-Game Name):Old_Pink
    Reason:Claiming to close to town/Continuous Harassment
    Ban Length:7 days
    Staff Member:LexKristen
    Why we should consider your appeal:It's not illegal to claim plots next to another town...It's not like I'm boxing his town in which is/was illegal. I'm failing to understand how it's harassment, nothing about it is taking a jab at him or his town.
    Edit: Just found the part about not being able to have plots within 3 plots of another town...I know ignorance of the rules isn't a good excuse, but as soon as I'm unbanned I will make the proper adjustments so it is following towny rules.
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  2. LexKristen

    LexKristen Celebrity Meeper

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    Just because you are ignorant to the rules does not make it okay. This would not be a 7d ban usually, but I know you are just trying to bother Hornemans, which you have already been banned twice for.

    Why do you believe you should be unbanned after having several warnings and bans to stop harassing Hornemans?
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  3. DianaB72

    DianaB72 Celebrity Meeper Elder

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    Old_Pink. It is WELL known that you despise Hornenmans. Your repeated harassment of him have already landed you with a previous warning and a previous ban. Saying that what you did is not harassment is a joke. You singled him and his town out making a rude, ugly sign right up against his plots. Not only are you harassing him, you are (as you found out) breaking the rules regarding settlements in two ways. Put this all together with your rather long ban record, you are actually lucky to have received only 7 days. Denied....and still considering changing this to a perm.
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