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Accepted Best Posts in Thread: Random Ban (No idea what happened)

  1. zoe_rosicki

    zoe_rosicki Meeper

    Likes Received:
    IGN (In-Game Name): Zoe_Rosicki
    When you were banned: Doesn't say
    Reason: Paypal Chargeback (I didn't)
    Ban Length: Forever
    Staff Member: Consol
    Why we should consider your appeal:

    Hey, ya'll. So I was gone all summer and I came back from my trip to Boston, and earlier I loaded up Meepcraft to check on my town, when I saw a message. It went a bit like this

    Ban:paypal Chargeback
    By console

    Ok so I was like what? Cause I didn't know what a Paypal chargeback or whatever was. So naturally I googled it and it said when someone takes back something they bought with a Paypal account. Im 13..... I don't own a paypal account. So I thought for a minute, and I think I know what happened. Right before summer, this guy was advertising in chat that he was buying upgrades for meebles. I've already done this twice with other people, since my parents won't let me use their money. And he upgraded me to exclusive, all was well, I played happily on meepcraft. Then I traveled a lot this summer, and didn't touch minecraft once. That guy must have done that chargeback thing, and figured I'd get the blame cause it was to my account. I came back today and I was banned. Please do one of those rollback things, and go see to the chat that it was that guy who bought it for me. Thanks! I forgot his name, but you could probs find out!

    Best regards, Zoe!
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2014
  2. junelawnchaired

    junelawnchaired neat-o!

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    Hello, I have paid your chargeback fee. Welcome back to the server @zoe_rosicki !