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Pr Guide: What Pr Can Do For You!

Discussion in 'Towny Guides' started by Krazycat600, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. Krazycat600

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    In meepcraft, as much as real life, there is an invisible thing called your PR (public relations) with your consumers. Having positive PR can help our your meepbusiness whilist having bad PR can make your business fall under.

    What is PR?

    PR stands for "Public relations". PR is the strength of your meepbusiness to the other consumers. In general, you need to have a good PR to be a thriving business.

    What can help your PR out?

    Making your PR better takes some effort and patience with the consumer. In general, you want to help your consumer out, may it be whenever they ask a question or look for a particular product. ALWAYS ANSWER YOUR CONSUMER WHEN THEY CONSIDER A REFUND OR EVEN IF THEY BOUGHT THE WRONG ITEM. Doing this gives your consumer trust in your company, and is FAR more likely to buy your products again.

    Another way is to be a productive member of the community. If you are well known for being important for the server (may it be guides or assisting staff members) and you own a town, people might look at your business in a better light. This will in the long term boost your sales!

    Finally: DO NOT BREAK THE RULES OR TRY TO SCAM THE CUSTOMER. ALSO, DO NOT LEAVE CUSTOMERS WAITING FOR AN ANSWER. Doing so will KILL your PR. If someone is known to scam players out of money, would you ever shop there? Of course not.

    Some warnings about PR!

    If you are rich and want to be known as nice in the community, the worst way to do it is to bribe people. Paying people to like you will never lead to actual sales, and even so, they are using the money YOU gave them so they can buy your product. This is a lose for you, as you lost money and the product you are selling.

    2. Do not TRY to have a good PR. Just be natural and be nice! No one likes a try-hard. This is why Origin is behind (EA company). They tried to get good PR by giving the consumers free stuff and being nicer after years of being dishonest with their fanbase. Being a tryhard in meepcraft especially, will make you seem desperate and will only be made fun of. Try to be nice even if others arent. You don't have to like them, just BE NICE.

    3. Treat your customers like PEOPLE, NOT A SOURCE OF INCOME. Look, I know this is hard while running a business. If you want your customers to feel connected to you (or will by more products from you) be sure you treat customers like people. People love friendly service in shops, in real life and meepcraft. Again, EA saw their fans as a way to get money, and their services are clearly lacking, and the internet now HATES EA. You do not EVER want people to say your business is bad and/or an unfriendly business.

    TL;DR: Read the whole thing. Its a guide for a reason!
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    PR Stunts: What not to do

    In general, a PR stunt is an attempt to grow a stronger connection to your consumer base quickly. A PR stunt can be both short-term and long term.

    For example: Flappy bird creator closes down flappy bird. This will encourage fans of the company and even the outsiders to install flappy bird, which does create Ad revenue.

    What NOT to do

    • A PR stunt cannot look obviously like a PR stunt. People aren't dumb. If in general you underestimate the consumer base's intelligence and make it obvious you want to boost sales, then your consumers will want to assume you are performing a PR stunt and will not fall into it.
    • NEVER BUY PR. May it be meebles or a free item, people who get these items will very likely not shop there again if they didnt already do so. In 99.9% of the time, giving a free item or two actually harms your business in meepcraft, as products are available in tons of business. Instead, try to offer discounts to your items. More people will see your shop as the best buy, and you make money!
    • DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT, LIE TO THE CONSUMER. People are not dumb(I said this before). If you make an advertisement saying that you are selling __ enchant book for 80% off (which is really good!) and people go to your shop and dont find the discount, that breaks trust with consumer ---> supplier. You may make money during then (assuming people find a good value in another item), but in the long run, you lost a consumer which could have possibly bought a lot of your supply!
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    I has good pr
  4. KaiUsesThis

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    I do not have pr. I just afk in the corner when i advertise.

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