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Post a positive comment about a current staff member

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Cooleysworld, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. Qwikin

    Qwikin Guest

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    You're almost as good as me

  2. Cascade1324

    Cascade1324 Celebrity Meeper

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    All staff: you ALL do your work well and you deserve to be where you are because you worked up to it. We all make mistakes but to all staff (no matter how much some people may dislike you) you are good people.
  3. SirCallow

    SirCallow Legendary Meeper

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  4. hockeygoalie7800

    hockeygoalie7800 Popular Meeper

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    Sirrr_Pig: One of the best staff members in my opinion, he was the one who bought me VIP when I was first a noob
    Bob4444444: One of my good friends who has always been nice to me (and has too many 4s in his name); it's nice to see he became a staff member!
    Cooleysworld: Always is generous, has bought a ton of ranks for people, and started this thread :)
    MrsMegan: A nice staff member who is also secretly a ninja invisible pirate who likes to fish (inside joke)
    DancingCactus: Good to have you back!
    TimtheFireLord: Don't know you too well personally, but it's nice to see you became a helper!
    fuzzlr: The person who allows us all to be friends; without him, we would've never met each other!
    And to the rest of the staff, I could go on and on, but you all do a great job helping out the server; thank you for being the staff
    P.S. Even though Rosenow got banned a long time ago, when I was a citizen, I got scammed out of a lot of money by someone and Rosenow (for some unknown reason) had been spying on the conversation and got the guy banned as well as getting me a full refund! :D
    EDIT: It's funny how all the staff seem to like this post, but nobody else does...hmmmm...
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  5. Bob4444444

    Bob4444444 Celebrity Meeper

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    Can I have one now? ;)
  6. rAwsondayc

    rAwsondayc Celebrity Meeper

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    I'd like to point out a staff member that I have known for years, and got me into wanting to become staff on any minecraft server.
    @LexKristen , the first server I was ever staff on was when you were Admin. Sure it was a little server, that competed with Meep actually, but it had work to be done to it. I don't remember if you told me to become staff, or if someone else did, or if I just did it, it was great. It was a fun experience working with all of the staff on that little server, and I suppose in a way, it shaped who I currently am.
    While writing this, I realized that you actually sparked something inside my brain that made me absolutely LOVING mysteries, and solving them. You unknowingly influenced me toward what I hope to be my future career, a Criminal Investigator. I thank you for that A LOT.
    Growing up how I did, there was a lot of bad times, and I think that entire server helped me cope through that pain. I'd just like to thank you especially, because without you teaching me how to Moderate a Minecraft server, I wouldn't have gotten staff on many other MC servers. THANK YOU



    @MrsMegan After only a short time, you are like my teamspeak buddy. You're also a whole lot better than me at leagues.

    @Slicks You're a great Mod, and after talking to you for a bit, I could tell you were a cool guy :)

    @Oo0gumonster I don't know you alot, and we only started talking after you got helper, but you're a cool guy.
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  7. Splendy

    Splendy Celebrity Meeper

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    Shainthewolfman: Whovians unite!
    Onis: You have begun to really make an awesome difference (cept the chat)
    Deinen0: You da bomb
    Rest of the staff: Keep on kicking but you guys all rock :D
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  8. Jaruv

    Jaruv Popular Meeper

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    Well, the pork chops from Sirr taste great! Eh.. did I say that out loud?

    Well, seriously I think that Onis is doing a great job trying to re-design the chat and make it and the rest of the server more like the players want it to be.

    Bass is an awesome mod, that even thought he is/was the only mod around his timezone, completed all the modreqs he got.

    And fuzzy is still the best, fuzziest and the most awesome owner I'v ever seen. He is the very reason this entire community exist. Without him this forum, and the server named meepcraft would not have excised. I would have quit playing MC a long time ago, and I would not be such a no-lifer. When I think of it, maybe I should curse him? But if I didn't play on meep I would probably spend all my time on manga instead, so I don't think I should curse him after all.
  9. LexKristen

    LexKristen Celebrity Meeper

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    @Fuzzlr Thanks for making an amazing server. You have kept me and many others entertained for months/years. You have created a lot of long lasting friendships, friendships that will never be forgotten. You may or may not realize it, but thousands of people have been positively impacted by MeepCraft, I know I have.

    @Coelho Without you, Meep would be a lot different. I think you're an underestimated staff member, which is unfortunate. You put a lot of work into this server. Especially recently I have noticed that you have been working really hard on implementing new things and fixing old things. Keep it up, you deserve more praise than you receive.

    @Cooleysworld I don't really know where to start. Without you I really wouldn't be staff. I remember when MN had just been removed, I won a contest from you and got 100k, it was really cool to me that an admin had noticed me. You were (and still are) one of the staff members that I looked up to the most. When I applied for staff in November and had been interviewed, I remember you telling me "Don't let us regret this decision." Without you I wouldn't be the person that I am today on Meep. You put me in my place and at the same time encouraged me to do my best, which is exactly what I did.

    @Sirrr_Pig You have been my friend for over a year! I remember when I taught you how to be a trial-mod, I thought you were 12 to be honest. You always claimed the modreqs before you checked them, and I told you not to at least 10 times. I laugh thinking back on those times, just due to the fact that you are completely different now. You have risen to be a spectacular admin, and definitely deserve it. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have been accepted for staff. I would have missed out on a lot of learning experiences if it wasn't for you telling staff in November to take a chance by considering me for Helper. You care a lot for the server, and put a lot of work into it. Thanks for everything you have done for me and the rest of the Meepers.

    @Sjoeppappentrap You are great at what you do. I am so glad that you have received admin! It was a long time that you were Super, but you constantly showed effort through those many months. I have always looked up to your staff work. Even though you're in a completely different timezone than me, your presence has been really strong. I never doubted the amount of work that you put into this server. Everything that you have done is really impressive, and I hope to see you continuing your journey as admin for months to come! You're a prime example that hard work pays off.

    @DevilSpawn112 The first encounter I had with you was when you proved me wrong on a suggestion thread back in November. I was frustrated that I had embarrassed myself in front of a staff member, because I was striving to be one and I didn't want to make myself look bad. Looking back, I don't know what I was really thinking. When I got staff, I was really impressed with everything that you had done. You also helped me a lot! You asked a lot of questions in staff chat that I was too hesitant to ask, which helped me a lot as well. I didn't get to know you that well until I had become your assistant, which was an amazing experience. It was really fun helping you with everything, you're an amazing person to work with. I am astounded with how you manage to juggle your job and being a Super at the same time. Keep up everything you do, you're truly a wonderful person.

    @MrsMegan I remember Thanksgiving break of 2012 when MeepCraft was really laggy, I was struggling to clear my plots, I was looking at chat for entertainment. You and aPlasticKnife (named differently at the time lol) were talking in chat. That was when I realized that I had really wanted to become a staff member, because you both seemed like you were having a lot of fun. When I became Trial-Mod in February, I couldn't help but look up to you. The amount of modreqs you did was crazy, and I only attempted to match mine up. You have been an active and impactful member of the Meep community for an extremely long amount of time. Thanks for talking in chat that one day, I probably wouldn't have considered staff if you didn't.

    @LexKristen nub

    @BooBear1227 Boo! You are seriously so amazingly nice. If someone ever needs encouragement, they should come to you. Whether it has been helping me with my homework, or helping me with a problem on the server, you have never failed to be there. You go out of your way to help others, which as a really admirable quality. Everything that you do is impressive, I really don't know how you manage everything that you're involved in. Thanks for everything you have done over the past 7 months. I am so happy that you became Supermod as well, you definitely deserved it.

    @Slicks You are extremely smart. I really enjoy reading your opinions that you post on suggestions and discussion and debate threads. They are thoroughly interesting and you always support your claims. You're a very approachable person as well. I admire your quality of always saying the right thing at the right time, it's a really impressive quality. Even though I don't know you that well, I have enjoyed being with you on the staff team for quite a while. Thanks for everything you have done for the server!

    @MeepStats Blue! I was confused about the Bluecarneal/MeepStats situation for quite a while, it took me until I got staff to figure it out. You put so much time into MeepCraft, and have since the beginning. Also, you are honestly a genius when it comes to math/basically everything else. I admire the inventive ideas you come up with, and you are also never afraid to speak your opinion. You're also in my team now, and I really hope you enjoy it. I am trying my best to get everyone engaged as much as possible, and I think you can help me with that. If you ever have any suggestions to make it better, feel free to message me :)

    @PuckMiner I remember when I first met you as BeeWhacker. I immediately liked you because you made a lot of bee puns, pretty cool if you ask me. You're so nice and act professional all the time! I really think you're a dedicated staff member, and love all your work. Everything you do is extremely thorough and there are never any "holes" left when you complete a task. Working with you as staff has been really fun, please stay staff the whole Summer!! It is going to be really fun :) Also, as I have said before, get on teamspeak more often at night. I really like talking to you, you always seem to be having a really good time. I feel as if you're an underestimated staff member, and you deserve more "thank you's" than you already get. So, thank you for being such an amazing human being/staff member!

    @Jwarian You are one smart guy! I remember I gave you a -1 on your app, just because of the fact that at the time I thought a short app was equivalent to a bad staff member. Boy, I was definitely wrong. I still feel some remorse for that -1, and I am glad that Cooley's stepped in and accepted you. I thought "he's one of the richest players, there is no way he would have time for staff." In reality, you're a great staff member. I like how you do things a little differently than other staff, but still get things done really efficiently. Also, I really have no idea how you handle your crazy work hours along with life and being staff on Meep. That truly requires some great time management skills. Keep it up, you're a great staff.

    @AndrewDemonX Andrew, you clearly care about this server a lot. You're really busy with work/personal life/family, but you still continue to push through as staff. You have really great communication skills, and thats a great quality to possess. I remember you on old Meep, but you always kept to yourself. I am really happy that you became staff in this generation of the server! You are also in my team, and I am glad for that! If you have any suggestions about anything I can do differently regarding the team, message me! I don't know you on a personal level so there isn't much more I can say, but I hope you continue being staff for the months to come.

    @bass_flow Bass! You are such a cool girl. I remember when you first applied for staff, I had no idea who you are. However, that quickly changed when you became a helper. I noticed you always striving for the best. Sadly, I haven't seen you online as much lately. This is probably due to the fact that you live on the opposite side of the planet and I am usually busy when you're online, but I really wish I saw you online more! You haven't been on my team yet so I haven't been able to work with you, but I really hope I can soon. I remember being envious of how well you were doing as staff in the beginning, you are a really determined person. Keep up the amazing work :)

    @Flamedemond2 Oh Ethan, where do I even start? You are such a unique and cool person. You're the kind of person that can talk to anyone with ease! We message on a regular basis, even if it is just squirrel emoticons, it still kinda counts as a conversation. Your staff work is really amazing and you have helped me a tremendous amount on the forums. You take everyones advice into consideration and take action. I don't think you realize how vital you are to the staff team. Remember, I am always here to talk :) Also, you get little to no sleep everynight and you're still extremely hyper. Please tell me how you do it? It's been great getting to know you over the months, and I hope you remain staff for a while!!

    @Quaddy Oh my goodness, you are an extremely hard working staff member. Right out of the gate you impressed everyone with your work ethic and determination. You always seem to figure things out, and do things the right way. You haven't "burnt out" either, which is crazy to me. I think many staff envy these qualities about you. You set an amazing example for the incoming helpers about how much work is actually possible to be done! It's been a lot of fun working with you. Also, you're extremely polite, except for when you make fun of what I say (lol). Keep it up Quad :)

    @chaos546 You are so sweet Chaos! You are always on top of things that are going on within staff and in the server. You were the interview right before me, and that night we both became helpers. It has been a long journey since that night of November 16th, but it has been fun. I am really glad that you decided to apply. Also, you are an amazing co-mayor of Salad! Sometimes I teleport to Salad and see you helping out the noobies in local chat, it's really nice to see that. You're a really big help when it comes to adding new residents/clearing plots etc. Salad wouldn't be this successful without you. Also, your activity on the forums is literally insane. I am on the forums 24/7 and still don't even have close to your stats. You are really fun to talk to on teamspeak as well. Your presence is enjoyed. Thanks for helping me with everything that you've helped me with in the past :)

    @abbythrowsstuff First comes first, I am glad your computer survived that water accident. Secondly, I am really glad that you are staff with me. I remember in old Meep you were almost banned for x-ray, when someone just sent you a bad jar folder. You have definitely changed a lot since then. You're never afraid to speak your opinion, and I think it's really cool that you do cosplay. It's something I would never be able to do! I hope you continue to stay staff for a long time. Also, this year was probably crazy for you. I couldn't imagine handling being a senior, mock trial, and Meep at the same time. That's really time consuming and impressive. Good luck in college!! I hope the tarantulas don't go in your house.

    @reggles44 Reggles! You are so smart and really ambitious. From working with you these past few weeks I have noticed a quality about you that is really great. You won't give up until the job is done. You're really nice, and really approachable as well. The job you took on with the MeepCraft wiki was really insane, and turned out to be amazing. I think everyone is happy about that project, and how it ended up turning out. The amount of effort you put into everything that you do is truly amazing, and definitely inspirational towards incoming staff. You have also helped me with a lot, and I really want to say thank you for that! Working with you so far has been a pleasure.

    @GingerManOWNS You are honestly so hilarious. Your YouTube videos are probably the best things on the planet, please make another dancing one! You never fail to make me laugh, even if I am having a horrible day. I really enjoyed having you on my team for the short amount of time that you were. Even though I am no longer your team leader, feel free to message me at anytime anyways, I am always here. :) I am really happy that you became mod, you definitely deserved it. Everyday I witness you strive to learn more. I really admire how good you are at turning any situation into a lot of fun. Also, your selfies are pretty fabulous, especially your current one. I remember when you first applied, I was hesitant, but you have proved to be an amazing person and staff. Keep it up, you're really cool. :cat:

    @ShadowLiran/Liran2207 You are such a fun person to talk to, and I really enjoy it. I am sad that you aren't on my team anymore, but it was fun while it lasted. I really hope you keep up with everything I helped you with :). I haven't seen you in-game as much lately, but I hope that changes soon since Summer is approaching! Message me if you ever need anything or ever happen to have any questions! Also, there is one quality that you possess that is truly fantastic. You always strive to make others happy. That's a really great quality to possess, and I don't see it that much anymore among people. Thanks for being such a kind soul to so many people, Liran.

    @UglyUnicorn I remember when you applied, your application impressed me, and so did your interview. It is apparent that you try your best in all situations. I do not know you on a personal level, unfortunately, but I really have noticed how nice you are to many people. Sometimes you have been unsure of yourself because of some people putting your staff work down, but as I told you before, just keep your head up and keep trying. Working hard will pay off in the end! Keep giving it your all, you're a really sweet kid.

    @fetch3000rules I had only seen you a little on teamspeak before you were staff, but now that I have seen you more I have realized how nice of a person you truly are! I haven’t observed your staff work that much, but you are very charismatic and it never fails to put a smile on my face. I really wish I could say more about you, but I unfortunately don't know that much about you. Keep voicing your opinions, keep being awesome.

    @Videogames321 I have always admired your ability to be nice to so many people. Even in December I remember thinking to myself “Wow, that kid needs to become staff someday!” I was really excited when I had the chance to train you and be in your interview. I hope you feel better soon. You're on my team, and I am really excited to start to work with you more once you get your activity up. It will be great! The first time I really started noticing your outstanding qualities was when you entered into the building contest for Christmas. If I can remember correctly, you made a beautiful Eiffel Tower. Thanks for being so nice and appreciative, and keep up the good work as a helper Vid!

    @funkyrainbows I had rarely heard of you before your interview, to be honest. I was blown away when I started to talk to you. I am glad that I had the pleasure of training you when you got helper. You are so appreciative, and I really admire that quality of you. You're in a different time-zone than me, in fact you live on the other side of the planet. Hopefully since I am off school I will see you more often in-game. I really hope you are enjoying your time as staff. Keep up the great work as a helper!! You're the only Australian staff member, I hope the modreqs don't get too backed up! I'll be online more at night now (your day), so hopefully it won't be as crazy with my help. Thanks for applying for staff, I am looking forward to talking to you a lot more and helping you learn and become a better staff! It will be fun :)

    @bbycakes2012 I had only heard nice things about you from other people. You only just recently became staff, so I don’t have too much to say other than the fact that you are doing well so far! The community really enjoys your company, and that is really important. :) You have been nothing but nice to me and others. I hope you had fun on your vacation. I am really looking forward to seeing you more online as staff now that you are home. Your attitude has always impressed me even when you weren't staff. I noticed you on the forums when you first joined, just because you were always so nice and welcoming to anyone that you had talked to.

    @Oo0gumonster I loved working with you after your interview. You were really cooperative and seemed to be taking everything in that I was explaining. You’re really nice as well. :) I am really glad that you are on my team. I think you have gotten used to everything in staff rather quickly, and I hope to see you continuing as Helper. Also, you are an amazing PvPer and I aspire to be a legend like you in KitPvP one day :p

    @Fangdragon1998 We didn't start talking until MN, and to be honest I don't really even remember talking to you then. I am really happy that you decided to apply for staff. So far, you have been doing a fantastic job. It's been a pleasure working with you so far!! You're really intelligent and I always enjoy reading your opinions on various threads on the forums. It's really great having someone the same age/gender as me on the team. It gives me someone else to relate to! I think we used to be better friends during MN times, so it would be great if you wanted to talk to me more! I really like how you think, not to mention you're really sweet.

    @Bob4444444 Hello Bob44444444444444. You are a really crazy kid. You messaged me on Skype every day, and you actually haven't ever annoyed me (except once I think) lol. I really enjoy your company, and it's very fun to talk to you. I am happy that you tried really hard to become helper, and ended up getting it. You're definitely learning a lot from this experience! I'm always open to chat if you have any questions, and I am glad that you already ask me a lot. Believe it or not, a lot of people are hesitant to ask questions. It's really great that you aren't that hesitant to ask, it's the only way that you will learn! I look forward to continue working with you :)

    @TimtheFireLord I am really happy that you took my advice on the conversation that you added me to. I told you that if you kept trying, you would get it :). Determination is a really important quality to have, especially as staff. You showed exactly that when you reapplied and improved a ton from the last time you had applied. I remember when you didn't have a rank (wasn't that long ago) and you were still really nice, even as a new member. From the beginning you were welcome to making friends and wanted to make a positive impact on the community. I am happy that you are new staff.
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  10. RaidByNightOnly

    RaidByNightOnly Celebrity Meeper

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    @chaos546 Thanks for tping me out of Creative :D
    @TimtheFireLord Thanks for being a great friend irl and ig
    @Cooleysworld Thanks for all the support you give to the server I don't think Meep would be were it is today without you
    @Coelho You take a lot of flak but the fact that you are still around shows me that you are one awesome Staff member also the amount of behind the scenes work you must do has got to be massive and for that I thank you :D
    @Fuzzlr Even though most people think server owners do absolutely nothing they really don't and for creating this server and sticking with it even through its rough times I applaud you :D
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  11. chaos546

    chaos546 Canadian Forums Stalker

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    @Fuzzlr: While I haven't personally interacted with you a lot, and I have no idea what it's like to run a server, I think you need to know how much Meepcraft has affected people. It's a little crazy to think that something you made has changed so many lives. So many people have made friendships over this server. It may seem stupid, or trivial, that all you did was compile some code together, but you truly have affected so many people. I hope you realize how amazing that is. You are an inspiration to me, and so many others.

    @Coelho: I know we've had our differences (thats an understatement lol) but I really do respect you. Especially after all you've been doing with the suggestions and everything, trying to improve ideas, implement them as quickly as possible, etc. You are a pretty impressive person, even if you can be a little blunt. I've noticed how you are also an amazing friend when you want to be. You are a very prideful person, and sometimes cross the line, but you do seem to always have good intentions for the server. I think this is one of the cases where you are more infamous than you should be; your work for the server is more than appreciated.

    @Cooleysworld: I feel like I've barely scratched the surface when I've made these before. The last time I did this, I barely knew you. I have a ridiculous amount of respect for you as a player and as a staff member; your work is incredible, and the heart you put into the server is inspirational. I haven't had the pleasure to get to know you personally, but I can tell that you always, always have the server's and community's best interests at heart, which is the most respectable thing I can think of.

    @Sirrr_Pig: Again, I haven't really had the pleasure of getting to know you on a personal level. However, the few times I've had close contact with you I've noticed how you are always striving to make the best out of things. I honestly think you are a constantly optimistic person, and that's why the entire community is so enamoured by you. You go at life with such a cheerful and joking disposition, it's lovely to even see you online, and you make so many people's live. Thanks for your amazing staff work and personality.

    @Sjoeppappentrap: We may have completely opposite timezones, but sometimes, I am able to have the pleasure of talking with you. We aren't very close, but I always notice your dedication to the server. I've been on TeamSpeak with you before and I have noticed how you are serious with a hint of constant and unflinching humour. You always seem to be trying to help the community, which truly is why you were an amazing supermod and are an amazing admin.

    @DevilSpawn112: Oh my, I don't even know where to start. You have been there for me for so long. I remember that when I first saw you apply I was so sure that you'd be denied, I was so sure that when you got accepted, you wouldn't have it in you. You have proved me wrong 10000x. (this was back when I was an immature and cocky child) Ever since I got staff, you've been pushing me, but not in a bad way. You make me want to be a better staff member, by example and by teaching me. You are an inspiration to me, and I'm sure to every other staff member. Keep doing what you are doing. I was glad to have you as my SuperMod and are still glad to see you as a staff member. You deserve it.

    @MrsMegan: You are incredible. I have always envied how easily you interact with the community. You always know what to say and you are constantly interacting and helping the community. You care so much for the server, it's incredible. I'm sure that you are a MeepLegacy, and always will be, because you are an amazing staff member and an awesome player in general. You have so much patience for just about anything.

    @LexKristen: Wow. Just wow. You are just a wonderful person. You are always at ease, and have a constant desire to assist anyone you possibly can. I remember when you answered Sarah even when she was a noob, and how you felt the need to share that picture with me. You always seem to be striving to make the world (and Meep) a better place. You've been here so long, any average person would have gotten tired of it and quit. You are extraordinary in how you always are looking out for others.

    @BooBear1227: Boo, you are the person to go to. I feel like I can trust you with literally anything. You are the kindest person I have ever met, with only thoughts for other people. Anyone who has met you would be honoured to get to know you, because you always are able to make anyone feel better about yourself. You definitely deserve SoupMod, and you definitely deserve to be a staff member, because you are always trying to improve the lives of other people. I truly think you underestimate yourself, and deserve so much more than you think you do.

    @Slicks: You truly are a great person, Slicks. You stand by your opinions with proof, do work as an OP, and still find the time to help people out on the server. I love how much you care about people, even if you don't know them well. Even if you seem a little blunt and unapproachable sometimes, anyone who knows you knows that it's easy to get to know you if they give you a chance. You have a great sense of humour and a constant drive to improve the server in any way you can.

    @MeepStats: I feel like every time I interact with you, I learn something knew. You are an extremely knowledgeable and logical person about everything, and you can easily calm everyone with a few well-worded comments. Your 'sassiness' is amusing, and you have a really good sense of when to back down and when to hold your ground. I think you teach everyone you meet something, which is really awesome.




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  12. Lady_Hestia

    Lady_Hestia Retro, Dance, Freak

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    Today I asked to see if she could get marshallmafers on ts for me. I just meant for her to ask him but she went the extra mile and tricked him into it (or something). Though this is not a traditional method it is effective. She is so caring and expects nothing in return.
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  13. mrli1

    mrli1 Popular Meeper

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    This post is gonna be biased based on my favorite staff members.
    @Videogames321 I call us twin nubbs :D
    In all seriousness (but whyyy nuu serious) Shut up parenthesis (i dont wanna let me talk) no
    Sorry. That was my 2 year old whiny consious talking (hey!)
    *gives consious Nyquil* (*snore*)
    Sorry. Now in real seriousness, yOu are one of the nicest persons I've ever met. We met back in Dec 2013 and have been friends since. Glad to see you on staff.
    @Fangdragon1998 - heh. (Yawn, Hey why did you give me that nyqu---) *shoves down more in his throat* (snore)
    You be a nub, but a pro PvP nub. My favorite female on meep <3
    @BooBear1227 Hey. You be a nice bear. Glad to see you.
    @Cooleysworld Get a life, you've put in too much.
    (has not *yawn* Can you stop puttin meh to-----) *shoves* (snore)
    Lolno, you make the server a much better place. You are my favourite admin.
    @chaos546 Silent night.
    (nocturnal guys come in sleepwalking)
    Stfu counsios
    IAS you are a fluffeh, kind, pretteh catteh

    I don't always praise staff
    but when I do
    ==== =====
    0 0


    | ----------------|
    Love all ya staff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!eleven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  14. hostilemobfrown

    hostilemobfrown Popular Meeper

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    Now I'm gonna be super and give a comp to evry staff member; you are alive
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  15. chaos546

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    </3 jk :p
  16. Videogames321

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    I'm a bit better! ;D
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  17. Skaros123

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    @reggles44 You cool
    @Deinen You not
    @Cooleysworld You also cool
    @Sirrr_Pig You tasty
    @MrsMegan You not
    @Flamedemond2 You hot
    @chaos546 and @DevilSpawn112 You evil. Devil cause chaos.
    @Sjoeppappentrap You have hard name
    @GingerManOWNS You ginger
    @abbythrowsstuff You throw too many things
    @Coelho You lucky
    @BooBear1227 You have funny 4 letter word within your name
    @bass_flow You need to drop the bass more
    @PuckMiner You quiet
    @Quaddy You too
    @Fuzzlr You not quiet enough
    @AndrewDemonX You make my list too long
    @Jwarian You too
    @MeepStats You good at math
    @Slicks Anime

    @LexKristen You are forgotten
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  18. TimtheFireLord

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    You forgot me.... :p

    That's ok, I can completely understand why. I haven't been on lately. :/
  19. fetch3000rules

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    actually it was just mod+
  20. TimtheFireLord

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    Oh. xD

    I'm an idiot...

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