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Pieluver2001's Helper Application

Discussion in 'Denied' started by Jon Vered, May 23, 2014.

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  1. Jon Vered

    Jon Vered Active Meeper

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    In Game Name: Pieluver2001
    Skype Username: JonVered Im the one with (JonVered®)
    Teamspeak Username: Pieluver2001
    Mic use: I use my mic one third of the time.
    Age: 13
    Timezone: Pacific Standard Timezone
    Hours online per weekday: 1-3
    Hours online per weekend: 2+
    Position Changes: Vip -> Helper


    Hi Meepers, if you don’t already know me, my name is Jon Vered. I'm a dedicated Meepcraft player with intentions in finally joining staff, and applying to become Helper. This isn’t my first time working for staff, but I’m not too well known in the community. I would love to take this opportunity get to know all you guys, so I’ve started to become active on forums. You’re probably thinking I’m too young to apply, since I’m only 13, but becoming a part of staff has been my mission since I have started playing Meepcraft. Being helper is a great opportunity to prove my worth, and my appreciation to this server.

    I first want to discuss my Meepcraft experience; when I first joined the server I felt very welcomed,you guys in the community are so generous and caring for new players, and because of that I stayed. I continued playing and found myself enjoying my time on here for hours without noticing the time. I want to give every new player the same feeling, and make every player happy and enjoy their time on the server so much. I want them to experience the joy I felt playing on this awesome sever!

    I like to think I'm very mature for my age and can properly handle many jobs that are given. I can improve the server in many ways that will not only help you, but improve my skills to be staff. I have become a better and more mature person through out a year of Meepcraft. Like I said, I can handle mostly any job given. I would like to become a Meepcraft helper because, I have a lot of experience in Minecraft and I am very knowledgeable of the dmost popular Bukkit plugins’ commands.

    These are some little things about me that will help you get to know me…. I have been a helper mod co owner and even an owner of multiple servers, I will not list them out of respect. However what I will tell you is that I am well experienced, very mature and I definitely know how to handle a group of people. What I view moderation as a job that you most likely volunteer or fill out an app for, and your priority is to keep things in order, have everything running smoothly in the game and take care of ALL the players needs, questions, and concerns. I owned my own server a while ago with 20+ players on it and they were all satisfied with my leadership. So as I tell you this, I am not writing this to sound good or fake, but I am telling this to achieve a better foundation of success.

    Why you should be Helper?

    You should accept me to be a Helper because I will help this server to become the best it can be; I am an honest player, and I don't mind helping other players with there questions and concerns. On the previous servers I have been on that I was staff not only for the staff but also for the players we created a safe and enjoyable server. I can also help do that on this server by, recording pvp battles. I'm online to prevent hacking and scamming, or by suggesting ideas to the staff. I will also make the server an enjoyable and a safe environment by explaining to our Meepcrafers all there is to know, if they are worried, I will always be a reliable assistant. Im planning on doing a lot for the server. To become a helper is a great honor, but great honor comes with a great responsibility. I think as helper I can help this server strive. What I like to do on the server is usually help out our players and go on towns. I enjoy this server it is very entertaining and the staff and I will just make this server the best it can be. I am also very social and am always ready to converse wether it is necessary or not. When players are on, we will help them and introduce them to the server, make them feel welcomed. I will also make the server less stressful on the staff and the players knowing that we can change the servers future. The server's future is in our hands. With me as helper thats two more hands helping out.


    Im not always talking, but my mic is usually on. I am always ready to respond, but am not one to start conversations.


    Im just one player wanting to help the server. I look to serve in a motherly attitude taking care of every player. As a “Mother” I will give every player the attention necessary for them to thrive (Have fun). I also love just chilling out and talking to other players. I tend to be very mature and sometimes like to just "let it go" and go with the flow. My brain is like a sponge, I would love to soak up all there is to know about being the best staff member. If you are willing to give me that opportunity then I am willing to dedicate myself, my time, and my effort to the server. I love to build statues in Meepcraft and have been paid quite a few times to build different objects for other players. They were all satisfied with my work. I am not looking to be paid, but I would be honored just to build a sculpture for the server in my name. I certainly am sure I have the capability to handle any problem including players, questions, and concerns. I also know I have the capability to help staff members when they need it. If a staff member needs help, I know I will be there regardless of the problem.


    Jon Vered, Pieluver2001
  2. chaos546

    chaos546 Canadian Forums Stalker

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