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Best Posts in Thread: Parkour Revamp!

  1. Midnight_Galaxy

    Midnight_Galaxy ✧゚・:*Forever Reading *:・゚✧

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    Parkour Revamp!
    And the Return of Planet Parkour!

    Thank you all for waiting while we worked hard to bring you the long awaited parkour revamp. Over the last couple months my team has been working tirelessly on new maps, and a new game mode!

    Introducing Casual and Progression!
    The parkour world now has two game modes which players can complete!

    The new progression system works on unlocking each difficulty level through acquiring a specific amount of levels! In addition to this we are introducing a new difficulty, Insane!

    Easy maps will be available for everyone to join and will reward one level each time you complete it! In order to unlock the Medium section a player would be required to obtain ten levels. Medium maps will reward two levels each time you complete it. Hard is unlocked with thirty levels and rewards three per completion. Finally, insane is unlocked with forty levels and rewards five levels!

    The Casual section is for those who would like to simply parkour without the commitment and stress of progressing. It provides people the choice of maps and difficulty, however, these maps will also reward levels, this is in place while we are working on more maps for our progression system. It should also be noted that all easy maps are accessible via both the progression and casual sections!

    Below you will be able to find a list of maps which are going to be found in each section as well as their meeble prizes!

    New reward delays!
    Easy and medium maps are now able to be completed daily! And Hard and Insane maps are able to be completed every four days!

    The return of the old!
    ALL old maps will be returning! And yes, I do mean all. Planet parkour is making its comeback, it is returning the exact same as it was. I did however have to make judgments on where to put checkpoints, if anyone has any issues or suggestions for where to put the checkpoints please contact me! I want to make it as authentic as possible.

    Our Maps!

    Here is a list of maps which can be found within the causal system:
    • Easy:
      • Jungle - 6,000 meeble reward
      • Cactus - 6,500 meeble reward
      • Grotto - 8,000 meeble reward
      • Oasis *NEW* - 10,000 meeble reward
    • Medium:
      • City - 20,000 meeble reward
      • Flower - 15,000 meeble reward
      • Slicks *RETURNED* - 12,000 meeble reward
      • Planet Parkour *RETURNED* - 16,000 meeble reward
      • Barrier Parkour *RETURNED* - 12,000 meeble reward
      • Skywars *NEW*- 20,000 meeble reward
    • Hard:
      • Chillroom - 40,000 meeble reward
      • Stronghold - 25,000 meeble reward
    Here is a list of maps which are found within the progression system:

    • Medium:
      • Airport - 18,000 meeble reward
      • Balloon - 12,500 meeble reward
      • Ult Ice - 15,000 meeble reward
    • Hard:
      • Valley - 30,000 meeble reward
      • Country Side - 30,000 meeble reward
    • Insane:
      • Library *NEW* - 55,000 meeble reward

    We are currently working on new maps which will be added to this system!

    *note* All easy maps in the casual section are in the progression as well *note*

    Parkour Build Competition!
    Now that we have released our revamp, i would like to open the idea of player submitted maps! To kick this off, I would like to host a build competition! The winner would be implemented onto the server in either section! And the runner ups would have the possibility of being entered as well!
    First place: 250,000 meebles
    Second place: 100,000 meebles
    Third place: 50,000 meebles

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  2. creepersareokay

    creepersareokay Celebrity Meeper

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    literally everything we could've asked for. thank you so much!!!!
  3. DarkKnight49x

    DarkKnight49x ⏦ ❀ The True Dark Knight ❀ ⏦

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    skyblock when?
  4. GroovyGrevous

    GroovyGrevous Break hearts not blocks

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  5. SurvivingSword11

    SurvivingSword11 Celebrity Meeper

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    Parkour, the staple of Meepcraft