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Accepted nbe412's Ban Appeal :)

Discussion in 'Ban and Mute Appeals Archive' started by nbe412, Jan 22, 2014.

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  1. nbe412

    nbe412 Well-Known Meeper

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    IGN (In-Game Name): nbe412
    Date/Time: It was about a week or 10 days ago at 8:55
    Reason: Xray Glitch Exploitation
    Ban Length: Perm :(
    Staff Member: MeGustaYou
    Why we should consider your appeal:
    Hello Meep!
    Here is the story:
    I was mining, it was going slowly, so I googled "How To Mine FAST." After looking around I found a article that talked about the glitch. So I did it.
    I had no idea that it wasn't legal on meepcraft to do things like that, but that is no excuse. I neglected to read the rules on Meepcraft.com, and that is my fault.
    I'm not going to beg you to let me back online like alot of appeals. I am on meepcraft as often as I can. It is by far my favorite server. Despite being banned for a week, I remained active on the forums, because Sirr_Pig said that that would help if I wanted to be unbanned, and because I enjoy keeping up with the community. I own a VERY successful metropolis know an Nexus. If your wondering why i'm so perky while writing this appeal it's because I have received a message from Sirrr_Pig that says "Hello nbe, we are reviewing your case. If you are still interested in being unbanned, you may file an additional appeal here with us." And that was right after I started thinking that all hope was lost. So you can imaging how happy that that made me feel :).

    I know that the way that you guys handle ban appeals is not by trusting the appealer's promises, but I would like to note that I will report glitches if found by me or a friend.

    Thanks For Evrything MEEP!! <3 Meep
  2. Sirrr_Pig

    Sirrr_Pig Bacon

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    Thank you for taking the time to do this again. Diana and I have reviewed your case. With the proof provided, your ban will be lifted. It would have been 7 days originally. Dont let this happen again and have fun!
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