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Best Posts in Thread: Mylucky7's Moderator Application

  1. Nager2012

    Nager2012 Popular Meeper

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    Read the god damn application. Now that's just ignorant.


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  2. Mylucky7

    Mylucky7 Celebrity Meeper

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    IGN: Mylucky7
    Skype name: Googly52
    TeamSpeak name: Mylucky7
    Mic Use: Diana hates my mic but it works.
    Age: 15
    Timezone: GMT
    Hours online weekday: 5-6 Hours +
    Hours online weekends: 5-10 Hours +
    Position Changes: Helper --> Moderator

    Well, I'm back with my Mod application and let me start off by saying I know what your all thinking, "It's way too early to apply" well, to be completely honest with you, it isn't. As many of you know, I have already been Moderator here and as far as I've been told, I did a successful job. I feel I am fully capable of taking on the role of Moderator again with my previous experiences as staff. Now, it did take me a little while to pluck up the courage to write this, I am/was quite worried about getting a lot of criticism and felt I was in an awkward position. I then persuaded myself to go for it and take a leap after persuading myself. By that, I mean I pestered Diana about 3 times until I was sure I could do it. I know I am ready once again to step up for the job after a few weeks going over the skills of a helper again. I have to say, I probably wouldn't have thought of this without MrHollywoot. All I really had to do was ask myself one question which was: "Can I take on this role again?" Well I can. I feel I'm the man for the job. I can fully assure you I am with my previous experience. Anyway, I will come to my previous experience later on so I don't bore you too much.

    So, what are my aims? Well, as a moderator I plan to do a few more things. I really want to get close with the helpers and show them the new skills, the techniques they will use. I feel that is where I had a weak point however, now I think I will enjoy it more as I feel a real bond between the team; a warm, family feeling when were all on working together in harmony. I am 100% willing to take them through it. The only way to better someone is to teach them. It can also help me by learning other peoples techniques and ideas as Aristotle said, "You cannot teach a crab to walk straight" which is true. You've got to adapt. One of my other aims are to open my mind a bit more taking in as much as I can and looking into every corner. This will also better me as a person in general which I have to say I've already been bettered by being staff I intend to do so. I also want to make more suggestions towards the server working to improve it as much as I can. I truly want to help us expand and do as much as we can. What could I work on? Well, I really want to start getting into the X-Ray finding club consisting of a few Mods and helpers. I am pretty bad at finding them I just am not very good at it even though it is pretty simple. So, I would love to take on that role.

    How do I work? I work to the best of my ability, to the highest quality! I don't always try to get the most modreqs done, as long as I put my best effort into guaranteeing they are completed to the highest standard then there isn't a problem. If I see a modreq open I will always take it. I actually love doing modreqs to be honest.

    Experience. Well, this is probably going to be long enough as I go over this in every application so, I'm going to try going in chronological order. So, I started off as an admin on a friends server which was only small but cozy. I would generally kick people and use Logblock to see if anyone needed banning. It was pretty relaxed there. Then I went on to MeepNetworks... I did an OK job but could have gone better. I was demoted for saying of a friends banning. Next, I joined a small server which got about 20 people on a day. I got given the rank of a trial-mod and skipped straight to admin which was pretty cool for me. I'd never really had the power before and I really enjoyed my time there. I was in control of the staff. Then, I moved up to Head-Admin which I was really proud of at the time and I made a huge difference to that server. I then basicly owned part of the server. Sadly, that server was destroyed by the Tech who was completely crazy. Then I found myself back on Meepcraft. I'd wanted to become Helper again and told myself I would do a better job than I'd done on every other server. And, as far as I know, I did good. I found myself as moderator a month later and was working at my peek. I then had a few consideration and I decided it was time for a bit of a break, which I taken for a week thinking I wouldn't come back for a few months. A week later, I wanted to become staff again but that's typical old me. So, I have been going since then and I am hoping for my previous position back.

    What do I get out of it? I just get that little smile every time someone says "Thank you" or even just a winky face. I always feel like I've achieved something when I do even the simplest of modreqs. I also love being part of the staff family, it feels great!

    Well, my main weaknesses are just a few practical things like what I have previously mentioned with how I am not very good at finding X-Rayers or dupers. It's never really been my thing.
    Another is if I get something wrong, I try to support my opinion for as long as possible. If someone with more experience or someone I highly respect tells me to stop then I will always stop.

    Can you still trust me? Well, yes. I have been given OP many a times and have not done anything abusive with it which is what is always expected. I've never made a bias/unfair ban and never made a ban based on my opinion whatsoever. I can fully assure you that I am trustable. I've always been very honest and down to earth.

    Skype and TS. Well, I am always on Skype and will happily answer questions. I try to have my attention fixed on Skype whilst offline in game. TeamSpeak for me has been a bit weak recently however, once I get on and into a conversation I'll be on all night. I do enjoy speaking to the TS community and it always feels nice to be there. Admittedly, I sometimes will go into the staff chat and speak to other helpers about non-staff related things.

    Forums. Well, I've gained Well Known Member on forums which I'm quite proud of even though now everyone's got that. But, I do enjoy forums but maybe need to work on the Report a bug section.

    To conclude, I feel I am once again ready for a step up. I know that I can improve on last time and I have already set targets for myself to do so. I believe I can benefit the MeepCraft community by helping new staff members and showing them the techniques I have learnt since October the 5th. And going back, a lot of people will not be thinking I should be getting Mod after I have resigned but, I just feel it's time I can really help out and teach others my ways.

    Thank you for reading.