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Best Posts in Thread: Mylucky7's Helper Application

  1. Cooleysworld

    Cooleysworld Celebrity Meeper Elder

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    I was very surprised to see this application with the recent resign! I think you need to stay active in game etc and be sure this is what you want before applying! It's not fair to members of the community for this to be accepted so soon after resign when a lot of members of the community have applied and not gotten a chance yet! Stay active, really be sure this is what you want and re-apply no sooner than 2 weeks
  2. Mylucky7

    Mylucky7 Celebrity Meeper

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    In Game Name: Mylucky7
    Skype: googly52
    Teamspeak Username: Mylucky7
    Mic use: Plenty of use however, can be a little glitchy at times.
    Hours online per weekday:3-7
    Hours online per weekend: 2-10
    Position Changes: Citizen --> Helper

    Regret, that is what I am feeling at the minute. I am infamous for how many times I resign and re-apply. I drift away to sea to find myself being swept up back on the staff shores.

    Anyway, Hello you. I find myself writing this app after spending a while deciding.
    I have recently been wanting to come back to staff for a few reasons, mainly because I've found my love for helping, organizing and preparing. For a good example of this work, I've been taking on the role of hosting a MeepCraft PVP knockout league. I have prepared a full bracket which is guaranteed to work. It isn't the most important of things however, do you know what I love? I love watching people have a good time, enjoying themselves and not leaving others out. I do hope my event goes down well so it can repeated in the future.

    I'l go straight into different aspects of what I've previously done as helper:

    Kicks/Bans: At first, I was very shy of kicking and banning people in chat, I hated it, I didn't want to see the hate which comes out after the ban is over. However, thanks to a certain Shainthewolfman, that changed and I changed. I had the confidence to do it. And that followed me on. From there on, I've always been able to kick/ban people for bad things after checking once or twice.

    Modreq's: Ok, so my modreq count towards the end of my most recent time as staff was bad. That was due to my little activity because of so much in real life. When I am onboard, I can do alot. Especially when there are modreqs piling up, previously I've found as soon as I log on, no other staff on except me. I try to control the server chat whilst doing the modreqs which continuously grow bigger and bigger. I have always done well there. In fact, when that happens, I find they are my best moments.

    TeamSpeak: TeamSpeak activity is one thing I can throw my hands up in the air and say I can improve on. There was a time when I was strongly active on TS on with friends who were also Moderators at the time (Shadow, Jack etc). However, since then my TS activity has been falling, I intend for it to go up.

    Skype: Although I've never been a TS guy, you can find me on skype alot. I got/still get plenty of questions via skype concerning the server. I have also used skype in my work in modreqs as it is used more than TS. As an example, I was on a while back with MarshallMafers, when he was VIP. Summed up: Scamming, needed screenshots and everything explained, ban made, refund made.

    Other: As helper I have encountered many things. One of these is when I was defending the entire server being accused of stealing something from another. We were being legally threatened and luckily I got fuzzlr on. I then had to explain how a sign in MineCraft cannot patron something. So, we never heard from them again!

    My Previous experiences:

    Ok, I have to write this for every application but, here goes:

    I started out on a generally small server with a friend reaching about 10 people at one given time. I was an admin however, the server just wasn't going to work and my friend couldn't afford to keep it alive so, that ended briefly.

    Then I moved onto a slightly larger server. At the time, I loved it! I worked my way up through all the ranks of the server starting off as a Trial-Mod and found myself a month or so later as Head-Admin (The highest rank except owner). Sadly for that server, there was a crazy tech. He was power hungry and destroyed the server. I hated him for that. But then, that driven me all the way back to good old Meep.

    At the time on MeepCraft, it was MeepNetworks, I decided to apply for Staff and I was accepted. However, I take NO pride whatsoever in my time being staff there. I was not doing the expected 20 modreqs a day. (Ok, maybe 20 modreqs a day was a bit ridiculous but I don't know who came up with that) I was demoted then for telling everyone that a friend of mine was banned.

    After MeepNetworks, I applied for Staff here. I was denied then a month later, accepted. As a helper I learnt alot about the server and looked up to everyone above me. It was perfect at that time, plenty of modreqs done, my confidence growing, TS activity growing. Nothing could have been better, so I decided to apply for moderator. I was accepted quick enough and within a couple of weeks, I was a Mod. I was overjoyed with that.

    Then I resigned, it was over. However, I used the time to work on some of the things which I could have done with knowing as a mod.

    Always going to be my TS activity, that is a MUST work on. I try to get on as much as possible, but it doesn't really fit me. I find myself on there alot more as a staff member.

    Ok, I suppose this is a weakness however, whenever I have a long session of modreqs or something, I often find that I get a little bored. I try to over work and it turns out not great for me. I suppose the over working in a way is good however, I might want to find another motivation to help me.

    As a staff member, do you still trust me?: Well, I can absolutely 100% guarantee you can. I have been given OP before by many people including Cooleys, Nasa and Fuzzlr himself. So, yes you can. I do not see any reason how you can't.

    What do I get out of it?: As I said in my last application, I always love being thanked by people it just makes me happy, makes me want to continue. I'm not sure if I get the message through to people but, when someone says that to me, it real makes me smile.

    A little problem: Ok, so this is a sort of weakness however, it can be a great strength. Unlike a lot of current Staff members who sit there and do their job (I'm not saying you're doing bad, you are doing great!) I always have been one to speak their mind. As Sjoe said "Mylucky, I like you because you can speak your mind" Then when I thought about it for a while, I do. I always try to make argue with people above IF it is what in my mind is right. I do not know if that is what people need or not.

    Forums: Ahh, forums. Around 6 months ago I would have said "Eww forums" however, I have started to love the forums, always funny, kind people. I take part in a lot of things on the forums and find it a good way to communicate with in game friends. That there is a strength of mine. I currently am Popular Member on the forums which is the highest citizen rank as far as I know.

    Aims? Ok, I just want to get my head down and do some work. There are a few goals which I want to achieve and help others achieve. 1. I want to try and get everyone friendlier, instead of an argument, turn it into a bit of a joke instead, why not? Everyone's happier, no one getting bullied! 2. I want to get everyone working as a team in the staff, teams slowly fall apart afterwards, I want to try and keep 100% communication between everyone. 3. Teamspeak, once again, that is a more personal goal.

    Once again, I feel that is my job to become a staff member and work myself up to my former glory. I really do enjoy taking on the role as hepler. Thank you for reading, much appreciated!
  3. Qwikin

    Qwikin Guest

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    Well, you aren't a total idiot. +1
  4. PuckMiner

    PuckMiner Celebrity Meeper

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    -1 You became staff, then resigned. You became staff again and resigned again. I feel you need to be a bit more consistent to become staff.
  5. LexKristen

    LexKristen Celebrity Meeper

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    You have common sense, you're not the type of person to do something questionable on staff. However, something I am really questioning is your work ethic. It seems to me that instead of just taking a break when things got hard, you resigned, and have done it a few times. All in all, you have good intentions, you just don't deliver them as well as you could, which has been displayed by your times as staff.
    I am indifferent
    +/- 0
  6. epick8

    epick8 The Meme Lord

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    take some more time off.
    You were adamant about leaving staff and meep almost entirely with the argument that it didn't interest you like league does, now you just suddenly come back with a staff app. Take it easy. I'm not saying you arent qualified, you are, but take time more time off.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2014