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Accepted My ban appeal!

Discussion in 'Ban and Mute Appeals Archive' started by chero, Feb 4, 2014.

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  1. chero

    chero New Meeper

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    GN (In-Game Name): cherokeeundie5
    Date/Time: 12/28/13, 5:00Pm
    Reason: X-Ray
    Ban Length: Forever
    Staff Member: DianaB72
    Why we should consider your appeal:
    My name is michael and I have been playing meepcraft since I began playing minecraft. I had some hard times that month and believe it or not that was one of them. Maybe that could give you an idea of how much I love and enjoy this server. I have donated to supreme and i'm not sure if that solid proof but thats in addition to proof of how much I love this server. I think you should unban me because I am respectful and cooperate with staff and I would never do such a thing like use a hack in meepcraft. I respect and love the server and have never even downloaded a single hack. I think this ban goes back a year ago when I was tricked into going into some "x-ray tnt contraption." I have regret that decision and was banned but in a short period of time I proved my innocence and showed them that I could be trusted and they unbanned me.
    I am almost 14 now and show a high level of maturity so you can trust me in the server when I say something. I have never disrespected staff and strive to enjoy myself while playing, This makes a better environment for me and the players around me. I have fun and help new players with questions and concerns just to help the server grow and expand. I am telling you this not to brag but to inform you to trust me and to show you that I am a good player who enjoys meepcraft a lot. I was in ca Skype call with "mayaguy" he was telling me where to mine and where to brake, If you check the footage you will see me stopping then looking at him at certain points then mining. I told you I don't obtain the use of hacks. His excuse to me was something really stupid and immature so I removed him of my contacts and will not speak to him again for this. I hope you can understand of this dilemma and listen here. If I donated $160 why would I want to get banned and even more, Disrespect my favorite server.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2014
  2. Sirrr_Pig

    Sirrr_Pig Bacon

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    I have accepted this appeal based on prior history and appeal.
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