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My application to be a Helper

Discussion in 'Denied' started by mircat9, Nov 24, 2013.

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  1. mircat9

    mircat9 New Meeper

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    In Game Name: mircat9
    Skype Username: mircat9
    Teamspeak Username: mircat 9
    Mic use: not often
    Age: 12
    Timezone: Canada
    Hours online per weekday: 2
    Hours online per weekend: 10
    Position Changes: (ex. Citizen to Helper, Helper to Mod, Mod to SuperMod) helper to mod

    Introduction: my name is Mira I am in grade 8 and 12 years old (I skipped a grade). I love to play minecraft and I was looking for servers when yours caught my attention, it is a very well put together server.

    Why you should be Helper/Mod/Supermod: I think I should be a helper or mod because I am a very good helper and I am able to follow instructions very well. I am trustworthy, I would do exactly what you needed me and told me to do. Staff members are meant to help and and the more the merrier!

    Weaknesses: I am not able to go on ever weekend because my parents are divorced any at my mothers house my minecraft doesn't work. I may not understand some complicated commands to do with command blocks but I do know quite a lot. I also may not be able to go on because of school work.

    Conclusion: overall I think I would make a great staff member because I am able to follow instructions, play minecraft, use commands, I do not swear at people when they rage and even though I am 12 I can still take responsibility and I feel that if you do decide to let me be a staff member I can show you that I can be trusted.
  2. StopResetting

    StopResetting Popular Meeper

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    • Position change: You do not hold the helper position to begin with. Doesn't match up with title.
    • Work on overall activity - be active in-game, forums, teamspeak and help the community.
    • You must be able to use mic when needed
    • Reasons were weak and vague. Give us more reasons and elaborate upon them.
    • Weaknesses - if you are not able to commit then do not apply for this position. This position requires time and dedication. Weekend hours do not match up with what is provided here. You do not need to use a command block for this position either.
    • Poor conclusion; crammed list into a sentence
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  3. TheRealWoohoocheese

    TheRealWoohoocheese Celebrity Meeper

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    Gratz on your first post...

  4. adtheren

    adtheren Popular Meeper

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    Lizzer took the words out of my mouth.

  5. nasapc123

    nasapc123 Popular Meeper

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    Denied, I would suggest improving your forum activity to start, along with providing reasoning other than you can help.
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