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Minecraft Lord's Guide to earning money.

Discussion in 'Unofficial Guides' started by 1MinecraftLord1, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. 1MinecraftLord1

    1MinecraftLord1 Celebrity Meeper

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    So today I've made about 500k and I would like to share with you guy's how I did it.
    It'll be easier if your Elite+ but you can still earn a lot of money.

    1. I have a 30 spawner grinder that's very efficient and I charge 20k for perm access to it. I have probably made 100-200k from that.

    2. /jobs, when I feel like it I like to get my god shovel and destroy a desert and that gets you quite a lot of meebles, also mining, if you find diamond ore, mine it with a silk touch pickaxe then mine it with a non silk touch, fortune pickaxe and you will get about 1-5 diamonds from one ore. Also if you find god you can sell it or make things like golden apple's and sell them on v-shop

    3. V-shop, if you sell sand and dirt and wood and all the other materials that people buy on a daily basis that can get a fair bit of money. Also you can sell emeralds for 450 each and supreme's+ will buy them.

    The main way I make money, I have access to a villager trading place and I get lot's of emeralds and sell them and make quite a profit from that. It's quite and easy/fast way to make money and if very effective.

    I hope this helped you guys, good luck :)
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  2. Sir Witurkey

    Sir Witurkey Meeper

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    A few more Details on Fortune: Fortune I gives 1-2 diamonds/emeralds/coal per ore. Fortune II, 1-3, Fortune III 1-4. At fortune III the average is 3 per ore.

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