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Accepted Best Posts in Thread: Meepvote's Ban Appeal

  1. MeepVote

    MeepVote New Meeper

    Likes Received:
    IGN (In-Game Name): MeepVote
    Date/Time: 3/31/2014 at approximately 9:57 Central time.
    Reason: Spam.
    Ban Length: Permanent.
    Staff Member: Fuzzlr himself.
    Why we should consider your appeal: I just believe that I was wrongly convicted of this horrible, horrible doing. I believe you might've mixed me up with my friend, epicK8. He was the one who spammed. He is the one who deserved it! Not me, I would have never have done such a horrific thing. My mother has trained me differently. Please consider my appeal, thank you.
  2. Jwarian

    Jwarian Celebrity Meeper

    Likes Received:
    Please post some screenshots or other proof that it was epicK8 and not yourself, I was watching chat myself and I thoroughly confident that you did spam.

    Can you please give us some reassurance that you won't spam in the future?