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MeepTimes #87: The Week 1 Recap

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Adrian, May 26, 2023.

  1. Adrian

    Adrian Epic Staff Member Administrator

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    MeepTimes #86: The Return of MeepCraft
    This mini-edition will summarize all added features, bugs fixed, and changes made during the first week since launch! We will also discuss what's to come.

    Looking Forward
    - Weekend events are back! Staff will be running events at /warp Events throughout the weekend with massive rewards be sure to be online!

    - 1.20 is right around the corner MeepCraft will be updating as soon as possible!
    Find Future Updates
    - Future update plans have been posted on our Trello, check it out!
    The Recap
    - Statistics are now synced cross-server. View your statistics in the pause menu
    - The Auction house was removed as it was not being used and to promote chest shops
    - /vote now works on all servers
    - Towny territories have been added as a layer to the map
    - Honey has been added to the Citizen Shop
    - Vote Swords are now diamond swords
    - A lot of QOL changes have been made to QuickShops
    - Certain blocks can no longer be broken in towny wild
    - Removed /sit in all servers except for Spawn, Resource, and Towny (Players can no longer sit in Boomo)
    - QuickShops will update their stock when items are moved out of it by hoppers
    - A limit of 1,750 Tile (Block) Entities per chunk has been added
    - Breaking Shop Signs no longer will spam chat
    - Boomo now has /pwarp
    - Beheading messages have been added!

    - /ranks links to the shop
    - /map links to the map
    - /request is back
    - /welcome is back

    - Fixed issues with Vote and Job crate keys not being given out
    - Fixed issues relating to joining Boomo Games
    - /tc and /nc are no longer shown to all online players
    - Fixed some /warp shops Shops not being accessible
    - Fixed issues setting and changing PWarp categories
    - Fixed issues with releasing and capturing mobs
    - Fixed NPCs at Spawn not working
    - Fixed [] messages in spawn
    - Fixed players tping to the middle of nowhere in Boomo

    - Added an option to buy Guardian rank for 30 days (Does not auto-renew) or to purchase as a subscription (Autorenews)
    - Added Vehicles as Guardian Perks (View vehicles types @ shop.meepcraft.com)
    - Guardians can /fly in the resource overworld
    - /donor will now TP a player to donor spawn
    - Fixed Supreme, Ulimates, and Guardians not being able to use certain formatting codes on signs
    - Guardians can now /smeltall
    - Everyone can use /recipe

    General Fixes/Changes
    - Using silk touch on an ore will now give you the full payment for jobs. Note that you still won't be paid for breaking a block that you placed (i.e. an ore you just silk touched).
    - Scheduled Boosts have been nerfed from 1.2x >> 1.1x EXP/Money
    - Fixed signs/holograms with incorrect text
    - Fixed issues with not being able to open 4th job slot shop
    - Fixed Slayer 100 Perk

    Miner Job
    - Miners can Vein Mine Deepslate in Towny
    - Dripstone 2.0 -> 0.5
    - Amethyst Cluster 2.75 -> 2.25
    - Amethyst Block 4.75 -> 4.25
    - Granite, Andesite, and Diorite Payout 1.0 -> 0.25
    - Raw Iron Block: 10 -> 50
    - Raw Copper Block 10 -> 50
    - Coal Ore: 3 -> 6
    - Deepslate Coal Ore: 4 -> 8
    - Iron Ore: 4 -> 10
    - Deepslate Iron Ore: 5 -> 12
    - Gold Ore: 5 -> 12
    - Deepslate Gold Ore: 6 -> 15
    - Copper Ore: 5 -> 8
    - Deepslate Copper Ore: 6 -> 12
    - Redstone Ore: 4 -> 8
    - Deepslate Redstone Ore: 5 -> 12
    - Emerald Ore: 75 -> 125
    - Deepslate Emerald Ore: 75 -> 150
    - Lapis Ore: 4 -> 10
    - Deepslate Lapis Ore: 5 -> 12
    - Diamond Ore: 60 -> 150
    - Deepslate Emerald Ore: 50 -> 175
    - Deepslate: .1 -> .2

    - Added Mud as a payout
    - Added Coarse Dirt, Clay Block, Mycelium, and Podzol to Vein Miner
    - Sand 1 -> 0.75
    - Mangrove Logs 3.5 -> 3.25
    - Eff 7 and 8 Merchants no longer sell books but now sell Tools without mending that cannot have mending added to them

    The Weekly Merchants [Beta]
    These Villagers will buy random items which will rotate weekly
    Sell to these Villagers at /warp weeklyshop

    New Player Chest Shops
    We are moving to a new chest system, you have 1 week to switch over to this new system
    - To create a shop do /qs create with the item you want to sell/buy
    - Enter the amount you want to /sell or buy it for
    - The shop will be created to edit specific settings click the sign
    - To buy and sell, make a double chest
    - /qs buy/sell to change the type
    - /qs price # to change prices
    - Give other users permission to use your shop
    - Easily change buying/selling mode and price amount
    - Integrations to towny
    - Only allowed to be created on plots you can edit

    We'd like to thank everyone for a great launch, and we cannot wait to see what is next for the server! As always we always welcome your feedback and ideas, and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments
    ~ MeepStaff

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    miss yall
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    Still check in every once in awhile to see if it's been revived
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