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Meepcraft Helper Application

Discussion in 'Denied' started by KyloMeep, Nov 29, 2013.

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  1. KyloMeep

    KyloMeep Mipha's Grace

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    In game name: Jamez564
    Skype Username: Jamez564server
    Team speak Username: Jamez564games
    Mic Use: yes
    Age: 12 (13 in January)
    Timezone: London
    Hours online weekday: 3-4 hours
    Hours on weekend: 5-6 hours
    Position changes: Exclusive to Helper

    Introduction: My name is James (Jamez564). I am a small server you who does trailers
    and other games. I have played on meepcraft for as long as i have had minecraft and
    have always loved this server. I have been Moderator and even admin on other servers and
    have been very successful. I resigned from there job to come and apply for staff on meepcraft.
    I hope you enjoy this application :D

    Why should you be Helper?
    Most days when i am online on meepcraft I welcome new players to the server. I have
    been around with my friends getting players involved in mini games including: boomo, TNT run and meep capture the flag.
    If you haven't already seen I have been giving updates like: We have beaten the meep record for players since CG.
    I have been giving ideas like: We should make a connection back with the halo server and get more players
    to come onto meepcraft. I have also said we should add back the creative donor world because this would get more players onto meep and get more players to donate. This would mean more money for the server and
    = Less lag at spawn.

    Lately I have got some of my friends to come online on meepcraft and get them to come and play in the wild. They
    have got there friends to come online as well to the server. If this carries on then meep will have more players coming
    online. Me and my friends are waiting for meep Christmas again because it is fun and we all love it.

    I also like to help players out at spawn and help them find there way around the spawn. I donated to get exclusive so i can tp players to places and get them to get involved in the game.

    I have had a lot of experience on commands and moderator and admins on other servers so i think I would do a good job.

    I resigned off them to apply for staff on meepcraft. They did say I was very successful on those servers.

    I have a lot of good ideas to add to meep so we can get more players onto the server as well. I would be able to hopefully install these ideas
    onto meep with a staff rank. I may not be able to with helper but defiantly moderator.

    In the past I used to help loads when there were over 1000 players online. I used to help out around the mini games area
    because that is what i'm best at but I have done good jobs on other servers as well.

    Weakness: One of the weaknesses is that i'm not to active on team speak but I will be a lot more active on the team speak server if i get promoted to helper. Sometimes my computer really lags and my internet crashes. I have rubbish broadband and a rubbish computer.
    I will be getting my mac back soon though

    Conclusion: I will be able to help further and get more players involved with helper. I think this is the way to brink meep back to glory!

    TH3B3ASTDR4GON Popular Meeper

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    Well, I've NEVER seen you in chat or in Team Speak. Maybe we aren't in the same timezone but i think you need to be a little more active before your helper. Sorry but I don't think your ready.
  3. Mylucky7

    Mylucky7 Celebrity Meeper

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    You did not wait 2 weeks.
    You MUST leave 2 weeks.
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