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Meepcraft Championship - The Monthly Event

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by Liam, Feb 5, 2021.


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  1. Liam

    Liam Fergalicious, baby

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    I'm gonna throw this out there now, although I feel that the staff team has more than enough projects to work on, we, as a community, have enough devices to start thinking about this.
    Again, I'm not asking this to be put into development quickly, but rather to share the idea.

    Based on Minecraft Championship, we have an event that consists of several games involving parkour, pvp, and teamwork. All Meepcraft-themed.

    We can start with a sign-up a week before the event, then, with that, teams can either be registered with the sign-up, or they're randomized. With those teams, you play the event together.

    If you're unfamiliar with MCC, here's how the event works.
    Everyone votes on which game to play, (ideas for Meepcraft games towards the bottom) each individual gains points for their own performance. As the games go on, the points increase from the first game selected to the last. For example, if a PVP game is selected for the first and last game, a kill for the first game would produce, let's say, 100 points, while the last game would produce, probably closer to 800-1200 points per kill. This concept also works for accomplishing an objective, such as finishing a parkour race. Winning that race could result in something like 1500 points to 5000 points, depending on how late in the game it is. With this specific example, I'd like to explain that other points are achieved based on checkpoints. Hitting a checkpoint will grant your points as opposed to getting a kill.
    Once the last game is played, the two teams with the most combined points go head to head in a Best of 3 pvp game. Whoever wins this finale game wins the championship.

    Typical logistics for MCC include:
    13 teams of 4
    8 games to choose from

    Meepcraft logistics, to fit our current player-count would look like:
    8-13 teams of 4.
    6-8 games to choose from

    Possible Games that can be chosen for each round: (please add to this list)
    Anvil Drop
    Chillroom Parkour Race
    City Parkour Race
    Hunger Games
    Pig Race

    These are just ideas solely derived from games that Meepcraft has put out that would work with this kind of event. In addition for a final duel game to crown the champion team, my first thought for that kind of game would be Halo. I'd imagine, if at all, we could host something like this once a month.

    Again, this is not a suggestion that is asking for development any time soon. This is more like an idea for everyone in the community to consider, comment on, and further suggestions.

    Knowing that this is solely just an idea, comment a detail you'd want to apply or take away.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2021
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  2. Peero

    Peero Celebrity Meeper

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    Me and @AdrianIsEpic have been talking about doing something like this for awhile. HUGE +1 I think this would be extremely fun and could certaintly be a major server event. Obviously it would be a good amount of work but once its all coded this could be done monthly or so and all it would take is a staff member to host and organize it.
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  3. builderjunkie012

    builderjunkie012 Celebrity Meeper

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    Bring back HG
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  4. Adrian

    Adrian Epic Staff Member Administrator

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