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Best Posts in Thread: Making Money With Zebo

  1. SirCallow

    SirCallow Legendary Meeper

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    I heard you say that /pwarp Bookstore has reasonable prices and I stopped reading.
  2. Zebo616

    Zebo616 Popular Meeper

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    Need some easy ways to make Meebles for that rank upgrade, or to buy that item you've been saving up for? If so, then this guide is for you! Make money fast and easy using these Methods, and get rich!


    Ideal Rank-
    Requires- A Towny Plot(s), some Dirt, and a Hoe
    Efficiency- [4/10] 1 Plot, [5.5/10] 2 Plots, [7/10] Automated Farm (Link Below For A Tutorial)

    This is a simple way to make a bit of quick cash. Making an Automated Farm will cost more, but will make money without you doing anything.

    Plot Clearing

    Ideal Rank-
    Any, Preferably Elite+ (/Fix)
    Requires- A good Axe, Pickaxe, and Shovel (Preferably Enchanted Diamond Tools)
    Efficiency- Depends on the Plot, and the Pay. Normally an Efficiency of [6.5/10]

    If you are Elite+, Clearing Plots will be extremely easy, as you have /Fix. For any Non-Elites, make sure the plot you're clearing covers the cost of repairing your Tools.

    Enchanting Books

    Ideal Rank-
    Requires- Some Books, (Stone) Grinding Swords, Access to a Grinder
    Efficiency- At a good Grinder, you would get about [8/10] Efficiency

    Enchanted Books are always in demand, you could make your own shop at your town, or you could sell your books at /Pwarp Bookstore in Horneburg /Pwarp Grinderpark for a reasonable price.

    Centrum PvP

    Ideal Rank- Any, Preferably Elite+ (/Fix)
    Requires- Good Armor, a Good Sword, Preferably a Bow, Various Potions, and, if you can afford them, use God Gapples.
    Efficiency- Depends on the time of day, and how much you invest into Pvping. On average, it's a [7.5/10], but it could be as efficient as [9/10]!

    This way of making Meebles is a High-Risk, High-Reward kind of deal. Elite+ Is preferred, as most Pvper's Equipment is repaired. Beware, you could lose your equipment, and possibly your head! Take time to think about the risk before investing in Pvping.


    Ideal Rank-
    Any, Preferably Elite+ (/Fix)
    Requires- Anything Useful For Mining.
    Efficiency- [9/10]

    One of the fastest and easiest ways to make money. Go to Minecraft Wiki for a Mining Tutorial, or click the link below.


    Potion Brewing

    Ideal Rank-
    Requires- Some Nether Warts, Brewing Stands, and other Potion Necessities.
    Efficiency- Sell to active PvPers, and you could make a fortune. [7/10]

    To make money out of Potion Brewing, you need to first set up 2 things, a Potion Brewing area and a Shop to sell the Potions. Remember to advertise your shop often, and to make your prices just right. Here are some prices to base yours on-

    *Note* These are the Potions that will most likely be bought quicker than others.
    Splash Healing II- 200-225 Meebles
    Fire Resistance+- 100-120 Meebles
    Speed+- 80-95 Meebles
    Regeneration+- 400-450 Meebles
    Night Vision+- 200-230 Meebles
    Water Breathing+- 400-435 Meebles
    Splash Weakness+- 100-125 Meebles
    Splash Instant Damage II- 150-175 Meebles
    Splash Slowness+- 100-125 Meebles

    Don't know how to brew a certain Potion? Go to the link below for a full list of Potions.

    I will be adding more to this Guide, so leave what you think! Thanks! ;)
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2014