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Leaving Meep, but also donating off my in-game possessions!

Discussion in 'Other' started by Jammilingus, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. Jammilingus

    Jammilingus Meeper

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    Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone for contributing to the community's welcoming, helpful, and overall completely chill atmosphere. You probably don't know much about me–I tend to keep to myself in-game, and my IGN was changed multiple times over the years–but just know that many laughs were had reading the ridiculous conversations in the chat box, and great memories were made with those I've worked with in the past.

    @2004Grevous is one such example of a great guy to work with! It was my pleasure being the builder for you and @teakizz99 in Premede, man. You gave me loads of leeway in terms of what I could do for the town, and have always been incredibly supportive of me. I appreciate it buddy

    I'm not leaving in protest of the new changes to the server–I love the changes, great job staff. Aside from senior year of high school catching up with me, I'd just like to have a bit more free time to myself outside of this server, as fun as it is.
    But anyhow, on to the part you've been waiting for. Below is a general inventory of my possessions in Gamma:

    • 286,742.23 Meebles
    • 34 Diamond Helmets
    • 29 Diamond Chestplates
    • 34 Diamond Leggings
    • 26 Diamond Boots
    • 16 Diamond Swords
    • 5 stacks + 9 of iron ingots
    • 1 stack + 7 of iron ore
    • 4 stacks + 21 of redstone
    • 2 stacks + 35 of nether quartz
    • 1 stack + 30 of lapis
    • 1 stack + 43 of glowstone dust
    • 29 emeralds
    • 28 gold ore
    • 1 lapis ore
    • 2 diamonds
    • 2 stacks + 16 of regular rails
    • 7 buckets
    • 7 lava buckets
    • 2 water buckets
    • 6 saddles
    • 4 iron horse armor
    • 2 gold horse armor
    • 1 diamond horse armor
    • 1 Projectile Protection IV Book
    • 1 Frost Walker 1 Book
    • 1 Fire Protection IV Book
    • 3 Golden Apples (unenchanted)
    • 1 wither skull
    • 2 sponges
    • 3 enchantment tables
    • 1 ender chest
    • 12 Sea Lanterns
    • Various seeds, saplings, and crops–farm starter
    • 2 stacks + 7 bones
    • 1 stack + 57 rotten flesh (heals dogs without adverse effects)
    • 1 ghast tear
    • 24 string
    • 9 gunpowder
    • 8 eyes of ender
    • 2 magma cream
    • 2 stacks + 57 of dirt
    • 8 stacks + 61 of cobblestone
    • 47 Magma
    • 2 stacks + 56 of netherrack
    • Some andesite, diorite, granite
    • 48 Spruce Wood
    • 48 Oak Wood
    • 32 Dark Oak Wood
    • 16 Jungle Wood
    • 16 Birch Wood
    • minimal supplies of accoutrements like windows, doors, stairs, chests, etc.
    • I also have 2 horses stored in my gamma house in the town Elytra, at ~ (8700, 70, 3300). Willing to give away or set free.

    However, I won't be giving my possessions away to just anyone. If you'd like a share in the "inheritance", please comment below to introduce yourself and explain why you think you deserve some of my possessions. I'll be far more likely to give to someone who has aspirations to start a town or movement(?), isn't already rich, and is an inherently kind person. So if you have plans for a town, be sure to describe them below. A well-drafted plan will be more highly regarded. I never got to start that town I always wanted to start, but I'll have a far easier time of leaving if it helps others start establishments of their own.

    Only 3 people will split my possessions (at my discretion).

    But that's about it, so goodbye everyone! Have fun and play kindly
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2016
  2. nath.banana

    nath.banana Popular Meeper

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  3. cooey

    cooey Legendary Meeper

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    I'd like moneys so I can Continue to expand my town (doesn't have to be all of your money, just some)
    Can I have your bones too? :)

    Anyway, sad to see people go! Hope you do well in your senior year!
  4. GroovyGrevous

    GroovyGrevous Break hearts not blocks

    Likes Received:
    I wouldnt having any of the items listed or money ;) I'll probably just use them to make more money to donate in the town I'm in

    Sad to see you leave mate, it was a pleasure working with you in Premede:). Good luck with school ), I you will visit from time to time)!?
  5. buttfly29

    buttfly29 Popular Meeper

    Likes Received:
    sorry to see you go, you should do a giveaway of items to everyone, it seems like a better idea :p
  6. xX___Kirby___Xx

    xX___Kirby___Xx Active Meeper

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    I would like some Iron Ingots to help build in my friend's town, High Moon.
  7. Toostenheimer

    Toostenheimer Legendary Meeper

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    This thread was from over a year ago. The guy's long gone now.
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  8. lanekids40

    lanekids40 Popular Meeper

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    xd I remember when groovy was 2004Grevous
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  9. EllieEllie

    EllieEllie Staff Member Leadership

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    the necro is real
  10. cooey

    cooey Legendary Meeper

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    I used to be a lot nicer
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  11. xX___Kirby___Xx

    xX___Kirby___Xx Active Meeper

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    aw sh**

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