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Kitpvp And Your Lag: How To Conquer It

Discussion in 'Unofficial Guides' started by FProS, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. FProS

    FProS Well-Known Meeper

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    If you have seen me in KitPVP, you may have noticed that I commonly like to circle around players as a Hobbit. Strange huh? If you were actually paying attention, you'll also notice that I've taken down classes of all kinds with this strategy with little to no damage taken.

    The main reason: KitPVP is so popular, it lags due to all the players in the same lobby at once, making way for the Lag Masters to make use of this lag to go from PVP Zero to PVP Hero.

    After they fixed the Ender Chest Mix-and-Match thing, I was kind of heartbroken, and so were alot of players who were just trying to better their PVP skills against Fire Bows (I still think fire bows are for noobs and they need to do some REAL damage...)

    This guide will help you become good at KitPVP, using lag as your secret weapon.

    First, before we can attempt this, we need to know the basic guidelines for being better at KitPVP
    1. DO NOT under ANY circumstances fight anyone with enchanted bows or enchanted iron armor unless you know for SURE that their bows do not have flame on them.
    2. This technique will not always work, due to ping differences among players. They may have lower ping than you do, so they have a much better chance of hitting you than players with higher ping.
    3. Claim an area as your own. If you have a specific location that you believe is best for your skills, then claim it as your territory. I personally chose the Snow area because I can wait for players to pass in trees and corner players in the house.
    4. GET DEM STREAKS! When you get 3 kills, you get healed. THAT DOES NOT BRING YOUR ITEMS BACK. Every 2 kills after that will also heal you. (5, 7, etc.)
    So now that we know what we should and should not do, let's go over the technique.

    First find a target. Remember: Be a Standard Hobbit to deal more damage than normal!
    A player being chased by a iron-clad warrior. Taken on 3/10/2014 (March 10th)

    Next, make sure they notice you. They'll jump on the first chance to slaughter your face. Assuming they haven't landed the first hit, you should be fine. Now begin to circle around the enemy, striking them with your sword. If your hand is turned wrong, start circling in the other direction. It may be risky, but it will be worth it if you survive.

    Continue this until your opponent is dead or someone else jumps in. If someone else comes, let them finish off your opponent and go back for him if he goes after you next.

    Be careful! Like I said before, AVOID players with fire enchantments of any kind! They can burn through your potions fast, and you too if you're not careful! (Dear Fuzzlr: Please remove all fire enchantments from KitPVP.)
  2. LionCrusher

    LionCrusher New Meeper

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    This is basic pvp strategy. Elite kits can be taken down by side swiping their arrows, and with the immense amount of lag, it’s not hard to do. The lag in kitpvp is not due to the large number of people playing. Before the lag, an equal if not greater amount of people played without lag. Also, ping has nothing to do with the lag. The lag is server lag and has nothing to do with your connection. Having a poor connection is always worse than a better one, but it does not contribute much to the lag in kitpvp. Just my two cents.
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  3. SSSoul

    SSSoul Celebrity Meeper

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    Aka "Strafing"
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  4. Sqreix

    Sqreix Celebrity Meeper

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    Fire Enchantments are like Cheating -,- Knockback plus Burning too bad :/

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