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Denied Best Posts in Thread: Killeryi Account Hacked, New Account

  1. Coro123x007

    Coro123x007 Popular Meeper

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    Well about 1 1/2 years ago, my email, paypal, and minecraft account was hacked by iRageFTW. We had the same server, and the server panel had the same password as my email account. She took them all and changed the info, and changed the Email of the minecraft account also.

    My new account name is Coro123x007, and I have contacted staff in-game and they have told me to come here and post this. Because my paypal was hacked, I do not have the reciept of the payments, but I do have pictures of me having Supreme on killeryi rank. You can IP check killeryi (On old meep) And my coro123x007 now, if you still have the data from back then. Pictures of me having supreme:

    On Coro123x007 account, I currently have premium rank, and I was wondering if I could get my supreme rank back on this account, since now I have absolutely no control over the killeryi account.

    I hope there will be a quick and easy solution for this problem, and thanks for giving me another chance in your community again.

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  2. Tittmas

    Tittmas Popular Meeper

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    I love Irageftw, you deserved it.
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