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kendallsgirl's Mod Application

Discussion in 'Denied' started by x_bigheart_x, Dec 21, 2013.

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  1. x_bigheart_x

    x_bigheart_x Celebrity Meeper

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    In Game Name: kendallsgirl
    Skype Name: Don't have one, but you can msg me
    Teamspeak Username: Parents won't let me
    Mic use: No
    Age: 10, almost 11
    Timezone: EST
    Hours online per weekday: 1-5
    Hours online per weekend: 10-20

    Introduction: Hi! My name's Ivy, but you can call me kendallsgirl. I love Meepcraft, and Minecraft in general. I play hockey, so in the winter, I'm not on as much I am in the spring, fall or summer. I am in the fifth grade, and get lots of homework. I joined in September or so of 2013, and will play for a while.

    Why should I be Helper?: I understand all of Meepcraft. I have lots of ideas, and if I don't, I can usually think of one in about 2 minutes or so. I can help with modreqs. If I see one, I'll jump right on the case. I also can put a little humor into my ideas.

    Honesty: I am very honest, at most times. I am only not honest when I am pranking or playing around with someone. Which, is not very often, and if I do, it's with a very close friend. Not some random guy I find at spawn. Just so you know, and don't get the wrong idea about me.

    Ingame Activity:
    I usually play in towns or mini-games. My favorite mini-game is Boomo. One thing that I like to do is work in my shop in butterland, a town I have lived in for about a month. One thing I have been doing recently is trying to get money for a town with my friend, dexter8910. I don't think I have spammed. I only post like once a minute. So, if I was a mod, I could get modreqs, or really anything anyone needs help with. I will also defend people if they need it. :)

    Maturity: I am very mature. I sometimes am funny and play around with my friends. But, I will stop playing around if I get to be a mod. Just today, I was fooling around in the chat cause one of my friends was kicked for spam, even though she only said one thing. But, what I was doing, was I was protesting. I was seeing if anyone would kick me for doing something similar to what she did. And, I did. :oops: But, I won't if I get to be a mod, like I said.

    Weaknesses: One weakness would be probably my age. No one would want a ten year old mod, right? But, maybe they do. I could be funny and not be a super boring mod. Not saying that any of the other mods are boring. I just don't want to be that one super super boring mod that everyone hates. Another would be my lack of microphone. I can't use a microphone because, well, I'm ten, and my parents don't want me talking to strangers. But, maybe, I can get a headset soon. That will make being a mod much easier. Because what if you type the wrong thing? That probably wouldn't happen with a microphone.

    Conclusion: Ok, so look back at my application. You probably know all the basics about me. Like, I'm really young, and I like hockey, and all that stuff. And, I don't have TS OR Skype. You also know that I'm not on a lot in the winter cause of homework and hockey. But, in the summer and spring, I'm on more. Well, that was my application, and hopefully I'll see you next as a mod!! :D
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  2. Lysseal

    Lysseal Popular Meeper

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    Hi Kendallsgirl! Glad to see you apply! You seem very mature for your age and very friendly. I'm sad to tell you that TS and Skype are REQUIRED, and without them it will be auto denied. I see lots of potential in you. Just wait a few week and ask your parents again. Maybe they will let you. Good Luck in the future :)

    EDIT: Also make sure you are active on forums and in game. /shout lots, too.
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  3. MeepStats

    MeepStats Legendary Member

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    Teamspeak and Skype are both required. Until you obtain these, your application will be denied. Reapply in no less than two weeks.
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