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Jwarian's(Ja-war-eee-ins) Moderator Application

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by Jwarian, Jan 21, 2014.

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  1. Jwarian

    Jwarian Celebrity Meeper

    Likes Received:
    In Game Name: Jwarian
    Skype Username: Jwarian
    Teamspeak Username: Jwarian
    Mic use: I have been known to respond to “GET ON TS” ;)
    Age: 27
    Timezone: EST
    Hours online per weekday: 3-4
    Hours online per weekend: 2-3
    Position Changes: Helper->Moderator

    Let’s try this again.
    I’ll take some time to introduce myself this time, since the usual /shout Hai isn’t going to cut it.
    Hai there!:)
    If you didn’t know my name by the time you got to this page then I’ll ask you why clicked something without reading it?

    Nonetheless, my name is Jwarian, If you can’t say that word, try : Ja-war-ee-in, Jw, Jay-Dub, J, Jay, or for the sake of ending the tragedy that is listening to people try to say my name in TS, “Josh”. To anyone who has known me for a while I would hope you understand why I tread lightly for several months in the area of revealing personal info.
    I’m 27, I live in some pointless place in Pennsylvania, and I work for a living. I also live on my own and have the liberty of wasting my time doing whatever I want. Yea, it’s a blast. Since we are not here to discuss real life I want to take this conversation into why I’m on Meepcraft but in all honesty I can’t answer that in one sentence:
    One late night much like this, long ago I found myself browsing the interweb’s pages for new ideas and crazy videos to watch, as always google likes to auto play youtube videos until some completely unrelated playlist starts until the end of time. I eventually stumbled into a lame video about a block dude punching blocks to get blocks so he could make more blocks. I clicked back as I thought “what a stupid game”.

    6 months later, I’m sitting on my couch playing xbox and I was at that point in the year where whatever video game you’re playing just isn’t getting it done anymore, its like general dissatisfaction in everything. So dashboard my xbox and see an add for Minecraft with that Steve guy and his pickaxe, it says “demo”. I figure why not, half of my xbox live list is on this stupid game how bad could it be. Needless to say I bought the game shortly after playing the tutorial for about an hour, I still remember the first cave I found, and the battle that ensued, or the first time I decided to mine out a mountain for hours and not feel guilty, or the first time seeing the nether and then dying right afterwards, getting absolutely mangled by creepers. Fun times, as that goes I found myself playing with others and eventually looking up info on youtube(again) and discovering all the wonders of mine craft, and deciding that the PC version was the bees knees. I ditch the xbox get another copy of Minecraft and I start again, I watch a lot of people on youtube play by themselves for hours, I get bored, I’ve always gravitated towards playing with others because without other people to share your experiences with, the victories, accomplishments, and the fails just seem.. hollow to me. Maybe its a function of my age because I used to enjoy super mario way more than I should have, but I need interaction these days.

    This naturally lead me to minecraftforum.net and the wonderful world of multiplayer servers, after browsing for a long time I decided I didn’t really take interest in mini games so much as the build/community thing I was able to have on the Xbox. Towny seemed to fit that description, although I had no clue the game would be set up so specifically with permissions, anyways, perhaps out of pure luck, I found Meepcraft in my searching, maybe if I knew what a Meep was I would have not tried the server, who knows. I do know that as soon as I joined I saw a massive spawn layout to the likes I had never seen before, I discover the wild and terrarium among things, After just a few short days of living atop a massive jungle tree in the wild I met a very nice supreme by the name of Albertypnd, and after only an hour of his time he didn’t even have to give, he explained to me what on earth I was actually supposed to do, my goals the rules, the tricks. I was hooked, we all got that fix from this game so I know you know what I’m talking about.

    Flash forward past a really crappy co-owner, two revolutions, a full hard reset, a gold event and some whining and we get to today. :)

    Why you should be Moderator over Helper ?: I am tired of being killed in the line of duty(/vanish/god are needed badly), I would love to be able to issue my own bans so I don’t have to be babysat by a Mod, I want to contribute more than I do already to staff, I also would like to show progression in order to validate my own efforts, I also plan on being here for a very long time and a 6 month helper position seems silly a bit, I also know that I am more than capable enough to excel at it, and because I WANT IT.
    Some of my Strengths: I love to do modreq's(except if I'm in a super creative building binge), my sense of loyalty, commitment, a well tuned moral compass, and a strong drive(most days) far exceed that of the average player. I have the willingness to take the initiative when I decide the time is right, a strong desire to lead myself and others to better days, genuine interest in improving the playing experience on meepcraft, as well as a serious devotion to meepcraft and this silly game in general ;), I have a very good handle on the commands and ins and outs of modreqs, I like to think I am generally well received by the public, and I am sometimes funny.

    Weaknesses: My availability is quite the opposite of most on the east coast, because of that my teamspeakness is less than I’d like, I use the forums too little, mostly for data collection and deposits, although I have been known to rant. I sometimes need to handle things in my real life resulting in a day or two not online, I also work 16 hour shifts so sometimes I am a little braindead, I have a strong urge to kick people when they say stupid things(But I have been really good!), I actually try to fix people who are lost(dark IK), and I am sometimes funny at the wrong moment. ;)

    There is a long tale to be told of my journey to and from here, all I will say for now is get used to me, I will be here for a very long time, I hope I get even more opportunities to meet you all and form even more relationships further strengthening our community of Meepcraft. If you are curious or need help, feel free to msg me in game or on Skype @ Jwarian.

    /shout I love Meepcraft so much that I donated!
  2. BooBear1227

    BooBear1227 Sunflower | Always

    Likes Received:
    Well, you know what I would give you. Coming from being your assistant in Ezri for close to 7/8 months, and working with you on staff, you are such an amazing person. I have absolutely loved getting to work with you for such a long time. I know you will make an amazing Moderator, and when want something, you normally get it so... yeah.

    Good luck!
  3. Telinus

    Telinus Celebrity Meeper

    Likes Received:
    For the past week or so you have been an amazing mayor and helper for all!

    Last edited: Jan 21, 2014
    BooBear1227 likes this.
  4. Videogames321

    Videogames321 Celebrity Meeper

    Likes Received:
    +1 you've been a great helper so far, and there are many other things that are pros on you.
    BooBear1227 likes this.
  5. mrli1

    mrli1 Popular Meeper

    Likes Received:
    Edit: I have always known your pronunciation. +1
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2014
  6. Lilliya

    Lilliya Celebrity Meeper

    Likes Received:
    -1. false info you said 3-4 hours a day.

    jk +1. don't even need to say the reasons.
  7. shains

    shains never stop fighting

    Likes Received:
    +1, Jwarian. You work very hard as a helper and I hope to see you work just as hard as a moderator.
  8. nhjed

    nhjed Celebrity Meeper

    Likes Received:
    I had no clue you were even a helper in the first place, that's funny.

    But I'm a +1.

    Your very dedicated to MeepCraft, so wynaut.
  9. DancingCactus

    DancingCactus Legendary Meeper

    Likes Received:

    Responsible, not stupid, smart.

    The only problem I have is the comment you left on a ban appeal recently:

    It seems kind of immature and a bit silly... like I don't understand what you are trying to say. It doesn't look professional, but then again it's one instance and doesn't massively change how I see you. Just be careful with what you say. ;p

    Also, keep up the good work.
  10. Sirrr_Pig

    Sirrr_Pig Bacon

    Likes Received:
    Accepted for interview!
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