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Jasper_1221's Helper application

Discussion in 'Denied' started by Jasper_1221, Jan 24, 2014.

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  1. Jasper_1221

    Jasper_1221 Popular Meeper

    Likes Received:
    IGN: Jasper_1221
    skype: Jasper_1221
    Teamspeak: none- sorry about that
    Mic use: maybe- ill see if i have one but i could easily buy one :D
    Timezone: UTC london greenwich mean time zone
    Hours online perweekday: 2-3 hours (sometimes 4 if im lucky)
    hours online per weekend: 3-4 hours
    Position changes: Normal>Helper
    age: 11

    when im at school, i think what i should type in these very moments. Should i seem professorial or a funny guy? I dunno, ill be both! Im quite attached to this server and when i saw this server i have remained to only play on it. Something on this server i find different (in a good way), Almost like theres a glisten when im in the server menu. But anyway, ill continue with my application

    Why i want to be a helper?
    Well, the reason why i want to be a helper is to help people around the server, like when i joined. Helpful helpers and mods and super mods etc. helped me. And let me feel fully involved in this server. Thats what i want other people to feel when they join this server, to feel like, as if they ve been for years. Also, i will be very reasonable when it comes to accusations and stuff like that. i will take both sides of the 'story' and if theirs proof or a witness (proof like snap shots if its something serious). I as well want to ensure the peacefulness of the citizens and staff of this server. I will make reasonable punishments for racism, insults, greifing, spamming, advertising, hacking etc. Thats what being a helper is all about!

    i have been on this server for quite a bit now, i remember when it was called mc-halo.net, but then the server went down and later it was known as 'meepcraft'. A server that has expanded from a plugin mini game to a vast and epic server! I also have been mods on many other server (before this one of corse, this server kicks ass!) and know what being a mod (or in this case helper) is all about.

    work ethic:
    i am quite a good worker and will try to be as flexible as possible in meepcraft, to help people on the server and to stop rule breakers.

    I am very dedicated to this server and this is the only reason why i click multi-player on the minecraft menu. This server is the main reason why i play mc, it was always that way! i loved being social with other people and helping others in minecraft.

    I am involved in meepcraft quite a lot. I always try to keep people and friends in a happy mood and try to help them if they ve been through a saddening experience.

    weaknesses: well, i must admit my weaknesses, but dosnt everyone?
    Teamspeak- i have no teamspeak, but i have skype and i could talk to important people if needed
    flexibility- sometimes when i have extra homework or have to revise for a test, i might not have much time to go on mc, a case of leaving my homework to the last day XD
    Not looking at the whole picture - sometimes i look at only one side of the story, but most of the time i look at both sides to find out what happened.

    well, i think ive put down everything i need but i need a conclusion.
    that was my helper application, if i am denied i will in no way disrespect the server, think differently of fuzzlr and the dons of the server. But an acception will be appreciated :D

    yours faithfully
  2. chaos546

    chaos546 Canadian Forums Stalker

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    Sorry Jasper, but TeamSpeak, along with a microphone, is required before you apply. This is denied.

    I also suggest that along with getting TeamSpeak, you

    - Increase forums activity. We just want to see you be friendly and helpful here.
    - Increase in game activity. If you help out and are friendly, we will know that you would be a good candidate.
    - Increase the length/content of your application. Your introduction should be about you as a person, your why should be a large paragraph for each point, and your weaknesses are not really weaknesses; we want to know if you have any personality flaws, such as 'short temper', and how you are working on preventing them. Your conclusion should be a short summary of what you said in your application.
    - You seem desperate, and lavishing praise/sucking up is not a good way to get Helper.
    - Familiarize yourself with our rules and reguations; TeamSpeak is absolutely required, and so is a microphone.
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