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Jail - Part Four of 'Mushroom Soup - A True Story'

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by SpongeyStar, Mar 24, 2018.


is mum mean

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  3. saltknight is too salty

  1. SpongeyStar

    SpongeyStar Professor in Wumbology

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    So of course, mr mail man didn’t get away with this. no way. mum was extremely disappointed in his sons own actions and decided it was time for her to pay.

    while Mr Mail man was tidying up his cosy abode, he got teleported by the flash of light into the local Meep Jail.

    He was shook. Shooketh one can ever be! Mr mail man didn't even have the ability to get out, or even speak! He was locked in there. Forever.

    While Mr mail man looked in desperation through the iron bars, his mum looked at him with an evil laugh. How could a mum do such a thing to a loyal son?

    Even worse, Mum brought in other people to put his son at shame. SHAME. Poor mr mail man had to write notes to his mum by using a pen and paper he had in his pocket.

    Worser than this, there wasn’t even a bed mr mail man could sleep on.

    ‘you shouldn’t have killed stanley and aunty boat u dum b O’ mum said. ‘then u wouldn’t be here!’ he laughed. ‘ if you want to get out u have to pay the 40k bail no matter what!’

    mr mail man couldn’t even pay for a simple bread loaf, let a lone a 40k bail charge to get out of jail. darn to heck, mr mail man just needed a get out of jail free card!

    ‘but mum i dont have that money! i can’t even work at the mail depot because i’m in jail!’ cried mr mail man. mum should start feeling sorry. but no, mr mail man had just killed two family members.

    ‘find another way u dum b O’ and off went mum and the other bystanders.

    Part five coming soon of this gripping series.
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  2. EllieEllie

    EllieEllie Staff Member Leadership

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    por mailman, this is a travesty

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