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Denied iiWars Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Ban and Mute Appeals Archive' started by stephen, Nov 23, 2013.

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  1. stephen

    stephen Popular Meeper

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    IGN: iiWars
    Date/Time: nov 20th
    Reason: posting on ban appeals, because there we're no staff on the time and I was just question him on what if he got banned for some of the reasons, and I was right.
    Ban Length: 3 (2 more days to go)
    Staff Member: I don't know
    Why we should consider your appeal: Well because its kind of stupid when your trying to help someone and doing nothing wrong that hurts anyone or anything. Then I end up getting banned and look like I did something wrong.

    There we're never any warnings on any of the post I have posted on, nor any in my inbox. So why is my ban 3 days? it should of been 1 day like it was. But nope, these staff hate people that have a lot of influence on people.

    Is my one little post making the server lag and the site crash down and burn? Then let me be a nice person like I am, and help people. If it does start to happen, then tell me, I'd be happy to keep the server alive

    And you expect me to read the rules everyday? you change the rules like a woman changes there mind. So don't be ban happy, and I seriously had 0 warnings. So yeah, don't be a meany and ban all of us old members.

    Edit: Please no insta deny, you only insta deny me, let me have my time to reply.
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  2. DianaB72

    DianaB72 Celebrity Meeper Elder

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    It has nothing to do with you being an "old member". We are just trying to enforce the rules. You might feel that what you have to say might be helpful and I'm sure it may have been but there are lots of others that also feel they are helpful and they are not. This rule is to apply to everyone without bias.

    We, staff, do not hate people that have a lot of influence. That is just a silly thing to say.

    Your appeal also has attempted to insult me first as a staff member and then again as a woman. Is this really necessary in a ban appeal? It doesn't help at all. Why don't you be a nice person like you are? Its what you said yourself.

    I reviewed your warning and there was one issued on 12 Nov for posting on Damiencw's ban appeal, then again on 20 Nov for posting on NoobPaTroll's ban appeal and last was again on 20 Nov for posting again on NoobPaTroll's ban appeal.
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  3. shains

    shains never stop fighting

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